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Pakistan's Navy look towards Future

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    Pakistan's Navy look towards Future

    By AzadPakistan2009

    Pakistan aims to revitalize its Navy. While many people may argue that Navy's purpose is exaggerated or money can be used elsewhere, Navy plays a vital role for any country. Due to its importance it is vital that the organizational asset should undergo necessary modernization in order to stay relevant part of security apparatus. With CPEC the role for Navy is even more vital as CPEC Trade route protection would be a vital new role for Navy.

    The importance of Navy has existed for large part of known human civilization. It's importance gradually rose, as people established communities globally near the Sea. With setup of communities across the sea shores, it was common for criminals to attack certain cities loot it and then run off to the sea with the goods. While it also became popular at peak of sea exploration that group of people like nomads lived majority of their time at sea, attacked the merchant and sea vassals instead of working for living. [ii] However armed units at sea were common also when people set out to discover other unknown frontiers when they got permission from their Kings and governments to go out to explore the world. With the rise in crime at sea , and also arrival of invading forces at shores , many nations came to realization that a permanent institutional setup is required in ordered to maintain security and safety. The structure for these Sea units changed overtime and what equipment was kept also changed with time.

    The one aspect of Navy which has remained constant is a Navy should have ample ships which can carry transport, weapons and soldiers. The Soldiers are specially trained in arts of maintaining a lifestyle at sea while learning at sea combat skills. There are also multiple levels of specialization levels within the Navy Ranks, the Navy Seal for instance is a special force at Sea. In Pakistan Navy SSG are group of special forces [iii]. Speaking strictly on the basis of Equipment or Units the Terms Destroyers, Submarines, Frigates , Corvettes and Missile boats is very common all these entities play a different role in Today’s modern Navy. In early part of 1900’s Cruisers were also common which were very heavy on Cannon usage on board it was a time when Ship to Ship missiles did not exist and Navy Ship’s strength was judged based on the number of Cannon weaponry it can carry[iv]. In modern times the strength of a Ship can be judged based on the Size, and the number and quantity of weaponry it carries. Also the variation of weapons a ship carries also impacts strength determination of ship. A good acceptable criteria is a ship should be able to play multi role duties at Sea and close to shores. It should be able to defend itself from Air with Anti Air armory, it should be able to engage in Ship to Ship combat also it should be able to engage targets on Land for Sea.

    Pakistan has realized this importance of Navy Ships and has embarked on modernization plan for with a grand plan till 2025 to help vitalize it’s traditionally overlooked institute for past 70 years. As part of the ambitious program Pakistan is buying 8 new Submarines from China[v]. Also Pakistan is revitalizing the Frigate and Surface fleet with help of European (Turkey, Dutch[vi]) and Eastern Partners (China[vii]). Almost 10 new ships are arriving as part of initiative. This is not excessive because Pakistan’s is still far behind in term of Naval assets maintained by various global countries of world. However for Pakistan this step is necessary in order to vitalize the Navy.[viii] The new ships come with modern Technology on board , such as Radars and weaponry as is the case with Submarines and Frigates and Corvettes. The Dutch ship which are being purchased with no weaponry however expectation is that Pakistan will install their own suit of Military radars, and Missile systems on board produced locally in Pakistan. The new ships will of course will have brand new computers and communication systems to ensure high standards of Digital encryption exist for their onboard communication. Apart from the Technology aspect Pakistan is also introducing the Modern Stealth design in these new ships. The Azmat Class Missile boats and Turkey Milgem Corvette programs offer modern Stealth design which aids in providing the Navy with Element of surprise. The Chinese heavy Frigates also have a very stealthy design. The modern Ships also in some cases have capabilities to fly a Anti Submarine hunter helicopter on board which can also fly high in air to provide vital visual detection of lingering Submarines or use the onboard hunter tools to hunt down Submerged Submarines[ix].

    Modernization also comes with not only buying the Assets but ample consideration is being placed in establishment of necessary support and new manufacturing infrastructure so that Pakistan can continue to Lead and grow in Ship manufacturing and Ship maintenance in future. Under the programs Turkey and China will play a vital role to manufacture part of the purchase order in Pakistan, where Pakistani Engineers will get hands on training on vital Ship building skills. Modernization is also taking place indigenous programs for Missile based coastal defense.

    The Pakistan China corridor (CPEC) [x] has revived the old silk route of past Civilizations once more and China’s massive trade will set to pass from Pakistan out towards various international destinations. This trade route uses sea route in order to minimize the time it takes for trade goods to transport between China and Europe. Knowing that in past trade routes were threatened by Pirates , it is safe bet to assume same would be true with CPEC trade ships facing dangers at sea. So it is vital that Pakistan Navy stamps a strong impression on the trade routes for CPEC in order to protect the National Interest for Pakistan-China sea trade.

    In conclusion , it is safe to see why maintaining a strong Navy is in the national interest for Pakistan


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