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Pakistani rupee depreciated by 30.5% under PTI govt: report

Patriot forever

Jun 2, 2020
Where are all the supporters of PTI? In a recent post, they were talking about positivity. Where are they hiding now? 123 to 175? terrible. Anyone who criticizes Government becomes patwari for them.
It is a well written article and explains superficially but comprehensively the faults in our policies and relation between currency inflation and external imbalances ( the reason we are at the IMF) . Understand it to learn the basics and educate yourself.

It's natural when ever the currency is kept artificially overvalued that period is followed by a steep correction of rupee. Be it the initial PPP period or PTI period.

PKR is depreciating at an annual rate of around 5% over the last decade or so. Indian currency annual depreciation rate is 2% over the same period.

The only way to bring down the annual depreciation rate is to increase exports, remittances. In fact we lost 5 years from 2013-18 with no growth in exports or remittances (barely) even IT sector was stagnant. Kept the rupee artificially overvalued to keep inflation low and promote consumption. It was unsustainable and the end result is both inflation and currency caught up steeply instead of what it should have happened in a gradually like India. the boom and bust cycle.

If any successive government again manipulates currency and kept it fixed without maintaining macroeconomic parameters/ inherent strength of the economy . The result will be an another cycle of steep depreciation far worse than this one ( than the illiterates will again blame the government at the time of steep depreciation instead of the ones actually responsible)


Feb 19, 2007
I am a PTI supporter and even sent money during the election drive.... I will still vote for them.

I think the government has mishandled the economy big time. I wanted more done under CPEC and export incentives.

Unfortunately, this whole Parliamentary and the Courts are corrupt and inefficient.

I will support Imran Khan to turn this whole system into a presidential system.

The Pakistani nation is far too entrenched in corruption, immorality, ignorance, and lazy to be saved by Imran Khan alone.
Against all odds what PTI had accomplished in 3 years, corrupt mafia wasn’t able to do in last 30 years. Economy is not a T20 match, it takes years and some cases decades to fix the economy. Once it’s fixed, it can be set on Auto with yearly audit.

I am with you but i want change as well. Imran khan must change ministers or probably another new system with Imran khan can change things. All i want is peaceful and terror free Pakistan. enough bloodshed and enough corruption.
Our awam is Jahil and they follow these rental molvis. Government must pass strict laws to control Islamic groups. Jalos and Jalsa have to be restricted or government have to provide place and set limit of people can attend it. If government allow these Jahils to run wild in the country, damaging infrastructure and killing innocent people, we can say goodbye to tourism and international sports coming to Pakistan.
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Dec 19, 2014

Pakistani awam (public) doesn’t understand that when currency is devalued, it causes inflation and prices goes up.

PMLN Government spent $7 billion dollars to keep rupee overvalued against the U.S dollar to win the election, some of the money borrowed from local banks. When PTI came in power they allowed rupees to free float due to IMF conditions which resulted in devaluation of Rupees and high inflation. Even if it was NOT IMF demand, Pakistan didn’t have money to keep rupees high against the dollars. Unlike PPP and PMLN government, PTI is not borrowing any money from state bank. What does that mean? It means PTI government is not printing additional rupees.
Public need to understand that when a country is close to defaulting on it's loans and have a failed/Crushing economy (or non-sustainable economy), it takes decades, not months or years to stabilize the economy.

Inflation will eventually go down when economic situation improves and in order to achieve that government will need multi-prong strategy to stabilize the economy and turn it into a sustainable economy. I think PTI has handled things very well against all odds. Glabal economy is impacted by COVID-19 and inflation is high on many western countries.

If PTI continue to make proper changes, hopefully by the end of 2022, we will see some improvement in Pakistani economy, unles new virus impact global economy.

1. First-ever NSC [National Safety Council] meeting on public health

2. NCOC [National Command and Operation Centre] formed to serve as nerve centre

3. Rs1.2 trillion COVID-19 relief package: Rs180 billion disbursed through Ehsaas Emergency Cash, multiple other economic stimulus measures

4. Smart lockdown

5. Construction industry package to ensure employment for daily-wagers

7. Response acknowledged by the WHO [World Health Organisation] as one of the best

Welfare state/ Riyasat-e-Madina

1. Ehsaas Kafaalat, - One Woman One Account (7 million families to benefit) -

Special Persons (2 million families to benefit)

2. Ehsaas Amdan Programme

3. Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarships distribution

4. Ehsaas Nashonuma to fight stunted growth

5. Rs180 billion disbursed during COVID-19 among 15 million families transparently

1. Sehat Sahulat Card (Rs10 lakh per year health coverage for every family, can be availed at both public and private hospitals) for entire Punjab (end of year 2021), entire Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa including ex-FATA [Federally Administered Tribal Areas] merged districts (end of Jan 2021), entire AJK & GB [Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan]. Also for police, lawyers, transgender, etc.

2. Indigenous production of medical equipment including ventilators and cardiac stents launched

3. Isolation Hospital and Infectious Treatment Centre (IHITC) inaugurated in Islamabad

4. Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar - Medical, Surgical and Allied Services Block inaugurated

5. DHQ [District Headquarters Hospital] Hafizabad groundbreaking

6. DHQ Chakwal groundbreaking

7. 250-bed Peshawar Institute of Cardiology inaugurated

1. Single National Curriculum finalised

2. University of Hafizabad groundbreaking

3. University of Chakwal groundbreaking

4. Pak-Austria Facchochschule Institute inaugurated in Haripur

5. Namal Knowledge City Phase-1 groundbreaking

6. Sialkot University of Applied Engineering and Technology groundbreaking

7. NSC to be completely, rolled out by 2023.

1. Largest forest of Pakistan in Kundian, Mianwali launched with 250 million trees target

2. Green Stimulus Package to provide employment and combat climate change as well

3. Monsoon Tree Plantation campaign

3. Largest tree plantation drive in Pakistan’s history - 3.5 million trees planted on August 9

4. Billion Tree Honey Initiative

5. Protected Areas Initiative

6. Clean Green Index awards

7. Travel Responsibly for Eco-tourism in KP (TREK) Initiative launched

8. Locust crisis tackled successfully

9. UN Biodiversity Summit, Austrian World Summit & Climate Ambition Summit addressed by PM Imran Khan

Development projects
1. Naya Pakistan Housing 20,000 housing units worth Rs100bln inaugurated by PM Imran Khan

2. Allama Iqbal Industrial City Faisalabad groundbreaking

3. BRT inauguration

4. Karachi Transformation Plan - Karachi Package

5. Ravi Urban Development Project

6. 5 decades after Mangla and Tarbela, construction for 2 large dams, Diamer-Basha and Mohmand, is well underway

7. Azad Pattan and Kohala Hydropower Projects

8. Mohmand - Sheikh Zayed Road inaugurated

9. Special Economic Zones initiated under CPEC

10. Quaid-e-Azam Business Park Sheikhupura

11. Balochistan & Sindh High Speed Broadband Project

12. Chakwal Northern Bypass

Current Account Balance (Jul-Nov)

$1.6 billion Surplus (FY21)

$7.2 billion Deficit (FY18)

Remittances (Jul-Nov)

$11.8 billion 27%

Exports (Jul-Dec)

$12.1 billion 5%

Large Scale Manufacturing (July-Oct) 6.7%

Foreign Exchange Reserves crossed $13 billion, highest since February 2018

Textile industry operating at full capacity, 80,000 power-looms opened (50,000 old re-opened, 30,000 new ones). Cement industry operating at full capacity, witnessing record orders. Vehicle, motorbikes, rickshaw sales rising. Tax revenue rising. Energy Relief Package for industries to encourage exports for sustainable economic growth.

Foreign policy
1. Qatar visit by PM

2. Malaysia visit by PM

3. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres visit to Pak

4. UNGA President Volkan Bozkir visit to Pak

5. PM Imran Khan’s maiden visit to Kabul

6. Continued role in Afghan Peace Process, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar visit to Pak, Taliban Political Commission visit to Pak, Abdullah Abdullah visit to Pak

9. UNGA address by PM & multiple sidelines events on Climate, Money Laundering and COVID

10. Pakistan’s re-election to UNHRC

1. Feb 5 - Kashmir Solidarity Day

2. Jul 13 - Kashmir Martyrs Day

3. Aug 5 - Kashmir Youm-e-Istehsaal

4. Oct 27 - Kashmir Black Day

5. Kashmir Legislative Assembly Addressed by PM Imran Khan twice

Other notable developments

1. Legislation against money laundering, terrorism and sex crimes.

2. PM Imran Khan’s Policy Announcement to conduct Senate Elections through open ballot and next General Elections via e-voting.

3. PM Imran Khan announcement of provisional provincial status for Gilgit-Baltistan

PM Imran Khan’s New Year Resolutions/ Targets for 2021
1. Universal health coverage for all citizens through Sehat Sahulat Programme

2. No Pakistani should go to bed hungry (Koi Pakistani bhooka na soye); New project to be launched soon under Ehsaas Program.
PTI peeps sending this shityy reply everywhere from reddit to whatsapp. Get a life. Situation in reality is pathetic


Jul 25, 2017
With the current trend, 200 is not far away, Perhaps by the end of this year?
not going to happen. Its fluctuating and will roll back in 3-4 days time.

Today stock market hit above 44,000 and then came back.
PTI peeps sending this shityy reply everywhere from reddit to whatsapp. Get a life. Situation in reality is pathetic
for patwaris and bughz imran it will always.


Feb 19, 2007
PTI peeps sending this shityy reply everywhere from reddit to whatsapp. Get a life. Situation in reality is pathetic
I am not a PTI supporter. I support MarshalLawPlus plan. I am not saying that army people are saints but they are the only one who has power to fix things with danda. All systems in Pakistan are influenced by corrupt mafia including judicial system.
Under the MarshalLawPlus plan all cases against corrupt mafia should be handled by special military courts. F* corrupt Mafia in Pakistan, anyone found guilty of corruption, bullet in the head like Chinese or public lashing, that’s the only way to fix economy. special police and court setup to handle street crimes.
Everyone making 50,000 a month or more (individual and business) should be in the TAXNET. Startups should be given 3 years TAX exemption.
Every system has to be digitalization, completely paperless system. Decentralization of power to district level and distribution of responsibility from Federal, Province, division and district, yearly audit and performance review system to eliminate ghost employees and demote and promote employees based on performance.


Sep 26, 2018
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
US Dollar closes at highest level in history against PKR
Published On 09 December,2021 03:51 pm

The greenback closed at Rs177.61
KARACHI (Dunya News) – The exchange rate of US Dollar strengthened by 18 paisa in the interbank on Thursday against Pakistani rupee.

The greenback closed at Rs177.61 on fourth business day of the week compared to previous closing of Rs177.43.

Meanwhile, the price of euro appreciated by 84 paisa and closed at Rs201.08 against the last working day’s trading of Rs200.24 the State Bank of Pakistan reported.
The Japanese Yen closed at Rs1.57, whereas a decrease of 39 paisa was witnessed in the exchange rate of British Pound, which was traded at Rs234.53 as compared to its last closing of Rs234.92.
The exchange rates of Emirates Dirham and Saudi Riyal appreciated by about 4 paisa each to close at Rs48.35 and Rs47.34 respectively.

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