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Pakistani-American Surgeon Transplants Pig Heart into A Human Patient


Mar 14, 2017
United Kingdom
So what ? you know there are Millions of Americans who believed Trump was doing God's work, many believe Trump is holy Warrior, many Believe that Covid Vaccines are secret mind controlling chips from George Soro's...

Those Americans are a problem for American society. The same way our dumbasses are a problem for our society. They ultimately back their religious or political bigotry with violence and coerce the rest of society to toeing their line through fear of retribution.

In Britain we saw that with Brexit. Whether we should remain in the EU or not was not a big political issue in the UK at all, until a fringe group started up in politics blaming social failings on migrants and the EU. This over years grew traction with those who were disenfranchised with the traditional centre left and centre right parties. Within our centre right party there was a small clique of MP's who had long standing anti EU views. As the possibility of the right wing splitting votes away from the centre right grew, the centre right party shifted more towards the right by taking a negative view on the EU and promising a referendum. This vulnerability was hijacked by the right wing within the centre right party and outside it, ultimately leading to a referendum fueled by fake news and inaccurate rhetoric, leading to an era of unprecedented partisanship and brinkmanship in British politics, and decisions taken for the sake of the gallery and playing up to the voters rather than national interest.

Ask anyone who lives in Britain and i think the vast majority, whether in agreement with leaving the EU or not, will argue the management of the process was flawed, and i think most will recognise the rhetoric around it was flawed too.

Stupidity unchallenged has consequences. The US got Trump as a President because they went through the Dumber Bush and Palin first in the Republican party.

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