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'Pakistan was right all along', ex-US commander admits failure in Afghanistan


Aug 15, 2015
United Kingdom

'Pakistan was right all along', ex-US commander admits failure in Afghanistan​

Pakistanis never believed that we would stay, always thought that we would leave, says Frank McKenzie

Anadolu AgencyAugust 27, 2022

former head of us central command general frank mckenzie photo reuters file

Former head of US Central Command General Frank McKenzie. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

Frank McKenzie, a former top general who led United States Central Command from 2019 to April 2022, has said that Pakistan was right about Afghanistan all along, admitting the US failure in the war-torn country.
"Pakistanis never believed that we would stay, always thought that we would leave," McKenzie told NBC News on Friday, adding, “You know that? They were right, we left."
He claimed that the Taliban always had a haven in Pakistan and the US was never able to resolve that in the two decades of the conflict or come to an agreement with Pakistan on the issue.
McKenzie also admitted that Washington engaged in failed nation-building in Afghanistan and insisted on a Western model for the country which was wrong.
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"We began to engage in nation-building operations and maybe some of that was necessary in a narrower sense to protect our interests but the broader things we did probably ultimately in the long term didn't help us. They diffused our efforts," he said.
"I don't know that Afghanistan is governable or sustainable with a Western model. I know that Afghanistan is governable and sustainable from an Afghan model. But we paid too little attention to Afghan realities on the ground," he said.
McKenzie said that overlooking the Afghan reality was costly and "hubris on our part, and on the international community."
He went on to say that he was "proud of" American men and women on the ground on the day of the controversial withdrawal from Afghanistan, when Afghans died trying to hold on to the plane. He said that the fact it was a highly politicised event was "regrettable".
McKenzie admitted that getting Afghan allies out of the country is a very "slow" process but did not promise anything on that "moral obligation".
The top US general agreed that Afghanistan was a bipartisan failure for four US administrations in two decades and added that it was a combination of "military and diplomatic failures".
Stressing that the war-torn country is still a breeding ground for threats to the US, he said it is still too early to say what is going to happen in Afghanistan. Extremist groups protected by the Taliban will pose new dangers for future US leadership, he said.
The US declared the completion of the Afghanistan pullout Aug, 30, 2021, ending the 20-year war.
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Feb 6, 2017
Any thing is million times better, ruling Kabul now. than the fcKing American snakes previously in charge of that country
LOL, now the truth has come out about the Afghanistan fiasco. LOL. fvcking rednecks.

Then American expatriates stayed quiet in Saudi Arabia, because they know they have done wrong, they know it.

Now the truth has come out:

11years old video proves the foresight
The American anchor is such a bastard. lol.

Now the truth has come out about the Afghanistan war, The Afghan Taliban are victorious. USA will be known as an arrogant country, that it was arrogant.


Sep 10, 2020
Afghanistan is our backyard and will always remain our backyard. No super power can change this. Both usa and soviets tried and failed.
We gave usa special gifts in Afghanistan in the form of 313 Badri.

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