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Pakistan to repay foreign loans worth $8.638b till June as vulnerabilities multiply

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Sep 27, 2019
IMF did not fix India’s economic structure, it was India’s own internal correctional measures that brought about a boom in India from 1997 onwards. In 1991 India went to IMF in desperation in light of their crashing economy.

Like you said Pakistan went to IMF 21 times and is still doing the same. So what does that tell you about our country? That If it didn’t work 21 times it wouldn’t work now either. No matter how this regime presents it. Every country has its own economic demographics. It’s apparent that IMF in itself is like a drug that you perpetually have to resort to once your on it. Each time giving a different explanation for it.
it didn`t work because you never implemented it fully....... PMLN and PPP they borrowed money for 3 years and gather taxes than spend everything in the last 2 trying to win reelection by buying people loyalties...… the thing is when the new government arrives, the treasury is empty and they have to go borrow some money and the cycle repeats itself....... Hopefully Imran wont spend it in the last 2 years, but I doubt that..... his party has the same idiots who only care about taking GDP to 5% which doesn't really matter since it would be artificial.


Apr 22, 2021
United States
MOODY's ratings for Pakistan however remain stable B3. in 2018 they were negative B3.

security policy introduced by Imran Khan acknowledges financial security as a part of national security! We didn't even have a foreign minister during Nawaz rule! Even Bata chapal was being made in China and imported here! Industries were destroyed completely! No FDI, during Imran Khan however we have seen Kia, Hyundai, MG, DFSK, Haval, Changan, Peugeot, Proton, BAIC have already launched. VW and Skoda will be launched soon! Which industry was booming in Nawaz era? All I remember is 12+ hrs of load shedding during those years?
Bata ki chappal door ki baat, payaz, sabzi, mirch aur tamatar bhi Nawaz kay susraal India say import ho rahay thay...

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