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Pakistan to lend 700,000 acres farmland to Arab states


Apr 5, 2009
Pakistan to lend 700,000 acres farmland to Arab states

ISLAMABAD: The ministry of investment has decided to lend 700,000 acres of farmland to Arab countries on the basis of long-term investment.

An official of the ministry said, the decision has been taken keeping in view the interest of Arab countries in agricultural land of Sindh and Punjab. The government is also working to remove reservations of persons associated with the agriculture sector, a private news channel reported.

Investment Minister Waqar Ahmed Khan said if the government successfully achieves its objectives; it will pave the way to get the latest technology for the agriculture sector in the country.

‘Over the past few weeks, the Saudi government has been in talks with us to lease 700,000 acres of farmland; and we are currently in the process of locating which land we could give them,’ Tauqir Ahmad Faiq, regional secretary, Ministry of agriculture, said in an interview.

‘The land we will provide to Saudi Arabia will be divided among the four sectors, and they will be using it to grow a variety of produce such as wheat, fruits and vegetables,’ Faiq said.

‘We are expecting a Saudi delegation to arrive after the month of Ramzan to further discuss the deal and see the land, but there is no set date when the deal will be signed.’—APP


Is this deal good for Pakistan's Future ?


Jul 21, 2009
I dont see how this would benefit Pakistan. Think its another scheme to fill in politicians treasure chest.

The Patriot

Jul 4, 2009
Its very alarming. another East India company in making. These corporate firms will take the yield to these gulf states. it will affect the prices at local market and farmers would not be able to compete with them. there would also be problem of fresh water. Pakistan's own food needs are yet to be met. these corporate farms would not help pakistani food situation rather it will feed Arabs. If we have this much land why dont give it to poor farmers. When these corporate firms come here they will enslave our people to labour as they are doing in their repective countries.
Anyway to me its a very very serious issue. I would love to see the comments of senior members and experts on the field to tell us the pros and cons of these projects.

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