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Pakistan to ‘drain the swamp’ of Taliban-linked militants in US-backed offensive


May 27, 2018
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
This incident highlights a fundamental flaw in Pakistan approach to attempting to eradicate the TTP and other terrorist organizations in Pakistan and their handlers ...

How many of these TTPs folks live happy lives in Pakistan and where PA/ISI turn a "blind eye" to them? Only for them to be once in a while, "very lightly" pruned through PR based operations ?

There needs to be a separate agency whose mandate is the eradication of all terrorist groups that kill Pakistani’s. That agency must not be under or report into ISI or the PA (independent!), but be under government control as a separate agency. Its sole mandate is to root out all terrorists and either bring them to justice or stop their ability to perform acts of terrorism. This agency must work 24x7 with those sole objectives as its mission stsatements and it must be relentless in its approach on this one single mandate to make the TTP and other terrorists in Pakistan EXTINCT..

What Sri Lanka did to the Tamil Tigers is what needs to be replicated in Pakistan for the TTP and the other terrorist outfits in Pakistan.

PA and ISI only perform these operations when it is convenient for them or in their interests. E.g. distraction from their sin’s in front of the “awam” – or if there is money on the table for them (USAID) and not all the time which is what is required. Having these terrorists on a "leash" is far to convient for the PA/ISI to do what is required - incase they need them "later" for "some" other event in the future.

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