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Pakistan to Construct the Largest Salt Refinery in the World


Jul 25, 2017
The first salt manufacturing company of Pakistan, Hub Pak Salt Refinery is gearing up to build the largest salt refinery in the world in the Hub Industrial Zone, Balochistan.

The biggest salt refinery in the world is situated in Mexico. It stretches over 86,500 acres. It produces 10 million tons of salt annually.

Hub Pak Salt Refinery spans over 150,000 acres. It will become functional in 2023.

This will make Pakistan the second biggest salt exporter and third-biggest salt processor in the world.

According to the CEO of Hub Pak Salt Refinery Ismail Sattar has revealed that the refinery will incur over $350 million cost and it will employ 2,000 local residents once it is completed.

Pakistan produces 4 million tons of the world’s total salt, even though it has the second largest salt reserves in the world. It exports just 400,000 tons annually.

Once Hub Pak Salt Refinery will become operational it will take the current annual salt exports of Pakistan to 30 million tons. The country will earn over $1 billion each year.

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