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Pakistan Sets Eyes on China’s New J-35 Fighter Jet


Aug 2, 2020
United States
The FC31 is merely technical verification.Shenyang is trying to persuade PLAN to purchase the FC31 as a carrier-based aircraft for the carrier.But from what I've seen, the Navy is not happy with the performance of the FC31.

When I looked at the news about the J20, the most important message I got was that Chinese design ideas are completely different from those in the US.The F22 faced the European battlefield,the targets were the Soviet MIG-29, as well as more advanced forward fighters.The idea is based on the 1980s.The J20 was designed with more reference to the F35, but for the East Asian battlefield.So the J20 has a huge range, a huge built-in bomb bay. And performance is more focused on supersonic speeds.The F22 has agile mobility, but smaller range.The real key point is that weapons should be designed according to their actual needs, rather than the pursuit of advanced.

So I don't think the FC31 meets the actual requirements of the PAF because it's designed for the navy.Of course, I think FC31 is valuable for PAF.

Because if the FC31 does not become the navy's new fighter, PAF can contact Shenyang to join the AZM program.A large number of existing technologies are available to facilitate the rapid development of AZM and reduce research and development costs.


Apr 17, 2009
Hello Mr. Bilal Khan (Quwa) SENIOR MEMBER.
Can you confirm any progress in results of your following topic??
"" Ultimately, the PAF was going to roll AZM into another fighter program, either from China or Turkey. I think the likelier outcome is China, and the one program available for that purpose is the FC-31. But while the two will be related, the FC-31 and J-35 are going to be distinct variants (the latter designed for naval ops, and likely costlier than FC-31 due to the necessary changes).
Ideally, we would take on the FC-31, but separately, have a totally in-house combat aircraft program centered on developing flight control tech, composites, electronics, etc. So, while we induct the FC-31, we also build a R&D base to develop something new, like a strike UCAV, loyal wingman drones, EW/ECM decoys, etc."""

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