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Pakistan secures $800m in debt relief, awaits $1bn more


Mar 14, 2017
United Kingdom
The only way out of debt is to work harder, make more money and pay more tax.

Pakistan collectively spent 30+ years giving the Bhutto clan roti, kapray and makan, as well as filling the unsatiable appetite of sher-e-punjab Mian Saamp; now we pick up the bill.

At least now we have stopped making the biggest mistake. Fixing the damage done will take time. Everyone in Pakistan should be looking to export goods or services, earn a fortune and then pay taxes. Those who cannot do that should be looking to providing top quality goods and services domestically to those who can afford them. earn a fortune and pay your fair share of tax.

The tax will be used to partly pay debt and partly enable the country to generate more income, by investing in the skill sets of people, creating and environment condusive to wealth generation and increasing the quality of life of people.


Mar 31, 2007
Saudi loans came at a crucial time no one is denying but than came their conditions, Yemen war, giving Nawaz a jail free card (which happened) and finally accepting Israel.
So how many things do you want Pakistan to bend over just to please your Saudi Masters?
And your last comment is so out of dept and ignorance due to your sheer hatred for IK that it does not merit a response. Our foreign reserves have never been higher and our deficit has never been turned into a surplus until now. Go figure.
You are way off topic... but since no moderators is in mood to control. let's take advantage.

What you want to say about Yemen war which according to my understanding is made up by Iran, same as they made up in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and trying to build now in Pakistan.

How can you explain Houthi missile attacks on Muslims holy site Mecca? Don't forget, Iran's missile technology is made in Pakistan.

You mafia always ignore the services of your Irani masters for RAW. I can understand your situation.
However i can't allow Pakistan state being hijacked by instruments of IRGC, who are working over time on Ajit Devils cold start.
Ever heard of economic terrorisms and economic hitman, that's the team Imran Khan has put together, and no amounts of useless braging would help to cover up the on going rape of Pakistan's economy.

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