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Pakistan PSDP 2019 -2020 Highlights

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    Chemical Processing Plant (CPP) at Chashma - still no where near complete - 95.000 million Ru only this year. This is a project with over a $100 million dollar budget

    National Tokomak Fusion Programme - 170.844 million Ru this year- Will we get a small spherical Tokamak reactor out of the total 437.154 million Ru spent on this? Like China's H-7? We'll see.

    Pakistan Research Reactor-3 (10MWth upgradable to 20 MWt) New RR at Pinstech announced last year, but spending only starting this year. It's a replacement for PARR-1. 400 this year out of a total cost of 4671.050 million Ru

    S U P A R C O:

    Feasibility and System Definition Study
    (FSDS) of Pakistan's Optical Remote
    Sensing Satellite (PRSS-02), Islamabad,
    Lahore & Karachi - 331.166 total cost, 100 million Ru this year.

    Looks like PRSS-02 will come before any SAR satellite capability.

    Pakistan Multi-Mission Satellite (PakSat-
    MMI) Lahore and Karachi

    34667.869 million Ru total cost - PakSat-1R replacement

    Enhancement of Facilities, Institute of
    Space Technology (IST), Islamabad

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