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Pakistan looking at Hot Pursuit options in wake of Peshawar attacks


Aug 29, 2010
Hafiz saeed is a social worker no evidences provided by indian government against him how can you call him terrorist ?? Mullah omar is in afghanistan get a life you indian looser trying to defame pakistan every where when your own Prime minister is a Terrorist who Mass murdered Muslims of India now forcefully converting people to hinduism .
We also have the inside scoop that HS has been nominated for next year's noble peace prize for all the charitable and social work he has done in South Asia.

Much can't be expected from you, when you didn't even know OBL had been squatting under your noses for better part of a decade and Musharaff kept assuring the world that OBL is not in Pakistan.

Here is what Americans and Afghans are saying.

Mullah Omar hiding in Pakistan: US general - The Times of India



Dec 10, 2014
Please kick Usa forces out of Pakistan if you want to get rid of terrorism, they are feeding terrorist in different ways while they look like they are the friend of Pakistan government.


Jul 28, 2010
As my posts above say, I am dead set against any 'hot pursuits' into Afghanistan because it will set a very bad precedent. History is full of full-fledged wars--even WW2--where someone crossed international border 'in retaliation'. If there have to be 'retaliation' then clandestine options provide plausible deniability.

Let the stupidity of 'hot pursuits' as an option be dropped. And, as @Irfan Baloch says above, a very charged COAS of Pakistan decided to diplomatically approach Afghanistan to get support instead of public chest thumping. I have to say I am proud of the measured and mature response of the entire Pakistani civilian and military leadership after the latest tragedy.
they wont be telling us of hot pursuit. Commandos in civilian dress crossing the border is a hot pursuit. US JSOC does it all the times. Their operatives embedded in the population and blended in is also a way of doing a hot pursuit.

When Israeli athletes were killed in some olympics, Israel sis hot pursuit of the killers.


Jun 16, 2012
Instead of discussing Pakistan capabilities for a hot Pursuit in Afghanistan,

The Thread is going some where else

My points:

a) Pakistan can conduct Airstrikes using F-16 and JF-17 Thunder fighter jets against known TTP Hideouts in Afghanistan.

b) Sending in Ground Forces may not be an option because of the terrain and taking Terrorist Reinforcements into account.

c) example in Operation Anaconda, US army/Marine Soldiers who were fast roped through helicopters landed in the wrong place, Further moment soldiers touched their feet down, they faced heavy small arms fire from militants who were in higher positions , supported by few pieces of artillery and mortars,

d) In another thread one Pakistan member has told to create buffer zone in between Afghanistan and Pakistan and make Pakistan army occupy it, Is it feasible to maintain such zones with military out post? It will be extremely difficult such outposts will be frequently targeted by militants, Even the militants have targeted well fortified american post in Nuristan Province ( Camp Keating), The militants would have almost over run the post, if the american war planes have not come to rescue, The first air support during that operation came at about 20 Minutes time. Can Pakistan provide such a type of air support. Americans scrambled A-10 aircrafts, Predator drones, Apache helicopters and they were also able to provide artillery fire using M777 howitzers.

e) SSG Commandos can be sent on raiding missions only if the Intelligence gathered is 100% true and verified.


Mar 31, 2008
@Xeric Sir,
reference to the video below, my cousin is commanding a unit in Bannu, wish him God Speed in avenging our sons and daughters

may we see more videos like below rather than plain figures.

Ok, seen the video, had it already with me. i say, that's about the right amount of anger we as a Nation need to show now to root out terrorism for once and all.
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Sep 3, 2006
We want nothing less than revenge, I will never be able to come out of this horror, they were Pakistanis , they were our kids, our future, if almighty is listening to us which I believe he is, we pray we will not sleep till we kill and clean the last rat from this great nation.


Jun 26, 2009
United States
I am dead-set against guns! Here in the U.S I live out 'in the country'. Everyone has guns here. But it took me many years of 'advice' by friends before I decided to get a .22--to kill snakes in our yard. I am also not ignorant of the Gun Lobby in America and of both sides of the argument. Though, being a 'liberal', I tend to think there are too many, too powerful guns, in too ignorant peoples' hands...

So that is my background--for whatever it's worth mentioning.
Thanks for sharing and I have similar views, although I do believe guns are important in maintaining peace and deterrance of crime, they need to be in responsible hands!

The highlighted statement above is the crux of the argument I'm making....

Let me recall a trip to the 'BaRa' Market in KPK near the Afghan border wayyyy back in 1974. I was a boy then but grown enough to realize the serious stuff in life. The 'BaRa' Market was full of all kinds of weapons. Most fascinating to us kids were pen-guns--literally like a fountain pen. We had no fear in that Market. We were even briefly allowed into Afghanistan from the Torkhum border crossing. I will never forget the images of Afghan border guards letting our family through and smiling at us...

But Pakistan was very peaceful then. Heck, Pakistan was relatively peaceful even into the early 2000's. I am not saying you are wrong--you may be. But I am saying that guns have been part of some parts of Pakistan without endangering Pakistan for most of Pakistan's history. And we are better off looking at some hard data before jumping to conclusions based on our prejudices (not saying YOU but as we all).
Let me start by clarifying that I have zero prejudice and bias in this case...I would be a hypocrite if I applied a different principal on gun control for India vs. Pak...
I am equally opposed to free flow of guns in India as I am in Pakistan....I just do not think an uneducated, highly emotional, uber religious mass populace of the sub continent is responsible enough to possess guns and not use them for the wrong reasons.

Next, I understand that gun culture has been part of Pakistan's history in many of its regions. Nevertheless, historical ongoings dont make it right nor acceptable in the current scenario..
It gives the ordinary man the same right to arms as a lawman, nullifying any authority making the problem or maintaining the writ of the government harder to enforce..
No wonder NWFP has a wild west type situation going on as we speak.

Lastly, as far as data is concerned, you Sir just need to look at the past decade and the menace your country has had to deal with thanks to guns. If the scourge of terrorism is to be eliminated, you need to corner these terrorist. One of the best ways to take the sharpness off their teeth would be to make it harder for them to get access to guns. If the illegal gun operation and arms trade is clamped down, it will curtail the breeding of Jihadis in my opinion.

again, this is purely my opinion based on the lessons and living example of how overall violence has been curtailed in India thanks to strict gun control laws

frankly speaking your establishment supports these scums they give money to them and arms them but but the point is they (indian establishment) are not the planer i mean they do not plan for ttp, attack here or there do this or that, you got my point ? now go and sale your alloo chaat somewhere else
Height of nonsense!

Come talk to me when you learn to make some sense and have better clarity of thought!

As far as Fazullah is concerned, we will get that midget piece of Crap with or without Afghans help. Our friendly request to afghans didn't mean, please help us we are defense less that only mean. we rather you do it ,or we will do it for you,as we have the means and will to do it. An Indian you being upset at the capture of RAW agent Fazlullah is understandable,with these monsters taken out India's investment in all terrorist be TTP or BLA is in jeopardy.

Please, tell me When India will stop financing and supporting TTP and BLA covertly? If you are going to deny this, then we have nothing to talk about, since you are not serious about solving this.
Let me ask you something...

TTP and BLA are not based in India...they don't get their training here, they dont use Indian weapons...
The only connection you could possibly conjure up is monetary support...for which you have ZERO proof! And if you do, please by all means release it publicly as it favors your country and achieves multiple objectives...

On the other hand, LET/JUD has its operational bases in Pakistan. It's fund collection through anti-India rallies to wage Jihad against India has been going on unopposed for god knows how long...The UN has slapped multiple sanctions on the HS and JUD, but Pakistan has done zilch to curb their influence or activities...

Again, if you demand seriousness from us wrt. something that we don't even do nor you have proof for, how about first starting by taking care of the scum you have been nurturing against India all along IN YOUR COUNTRY?!! You can expect similar demands from us...but as stated earlier, we dont host your enemies...

Do you not sense the hypocrisy in your statements?
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Sep 13, 2009
United States
United States
Both the phrases 'Hot pursuit' and 'Surgical Strikes' though not coined, but were popularized by India, however, it would be Pakistan that will put them to practical use!
I would like to see that happening, I want to see how you can achieve it with a very weak military of Afghanistan. I want to see how superior you are over India and achieving way inferior goal.


Jul 15, 2011
United States
United States
Good and Bad Terrorist is the Definition given by PAK , ISI and PA.
Any one which is attack to PAk interest is Bad one.

you find out after school attack , that their is not good or bad terrorist?
If you re-read my post and the many previous ones, you'll see me preaching to kill all terrorists and don't call good or bad terrorists. If you haven't read my previous posts, then don't comment half as*, and out of context.

That same advise I gave to Pakistanis, is applicable to Indians too, you guys have RSS, BJB fanatics that have been killing hundreds of Christians and Muslims, trying to force Hinduism down their throat and doing all kind of violence against minorities. Those are also terrorists and need to be brought down to justice. You are quick to point out Pakistani children for propaganda purposes, but what about Indian children and youth who is Christian and Muslims and they are burnt in their homes and killed by Hindu extremists? ?

Neither the USA nor Israel are allies of India. India works only for its self interests. In fact, thank the stars that India never regarded your country as an "ally". With allies like you, who needs enemies?
You didn't tell us any of this when you were begging us to give you jobs so your middle class can come up with more $$ and you may counter China for us 'with the strengthening of your economy' ?? Well we got lied to. You guys are never to be trusted. You can ALSO double check that with the Pakistanis!!
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May 24, 2010
few years ago Sawat or south Waziristan.
taliban supporters are extremely butt hurt pointing at inhumane treatment of Muslims by Pak army and also more butt hurt over hearing them chant Ya Ali
Why than ANA hates Pak army... this current crime is executed against same ya Ali chanting Pak army by shia ANA?

All the TTP is engineered, armed and trained there.

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