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Pakistan Kinnow exports reach historic high


Feb 4, 2014
United States
Mexican and Canadian mango that tastes like " kadoo" sells for a dollar a piece, pomegranate $2-3/ piece depending on where you live and these fruits are without any flavor and not organic like what you can find in Pakistan.
Do you even know how bonkers this nation would go once it has a taste of real mangoes like "Sindhari" or "Chaunsa" ?????
99% of Americans don't even know what some of our fruits like "chikoo", "falsa"' "jamun" "bair", "sharifa/cutard apple" even exist or taste like.
Bhaisaab - I live in the West Coast and we get Mexican (Ataulfo), Honduran, even Indian mangoes in Season here, I'm baffled why there are no Pakistan mangoes available, Pakistan being such an excellent source.

I do not know what "falsa", "bair" are but "jamun" is grown in some Bangladeshi family's backyards in LA (available in season in Bangladeshi shops but very rare/expensive). We Bangladeshis call it "Kalo Jam".

Sharifa/Custard Apple is widely available in Hispanic/Mexican markets in Southern California and is called Sugar apple (we Bangladeshis call it "Ata fol".

Chikoo is called Sapodilla (the two 'l's' are not pronounced) and is also available in Hispanic markets.

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Aug 16, 2015
United States
Sir ji. All the best. I brought some Avacados from recent trip to KSA and froze them.
if you start to manufacture your product, let us PDFians know first.We’d love to buy Pakistani avacados.

And the biggest tragedy is we are selling our agriculture land as housing schemes.
Avocado ko kacha na kana. Make sure they are ripe. You have to leave them out like mangos until they are fully ripe. A good trick is to leave them for a few days in a paper bag and don’t put the bag in the fridge. Put some other fruits in the bag and keep checking. The gasses the fruits let off will help ripen the avocados.

Make sure the avocados turn a little blackish and are a little soft to touch then you will know it’s ready. When you cut it, the texture should be of butter and you should be able to use a spoon and scoop it out like butter. You can put salt or squeeze lemon and eat it as is, or you can use it to make a shake.


Mar 25, 2010
Me ikko ket cho 900 maan kino kadaya. It takes extra care, sprays and fertilizer but you can produce that much yield.

Also I have planted about 20 avocado trees of lula variety. It’s the same variety Chinese are importing from Kenya, but suitable for Southern Punjab conditions. Why would they want to import from Kenya when we are so much closer?

I know Pakistanis are not going to eat avocados because god forbid Pakistanis eat something healthy, but it has great export value potential considering it’s in high demand in China.

I am planning on planting a few acres of avocado trees because it’s quite lucrative.
we have 200 acres in around khanewal
all planted kinnow please give me ideas how to get most of it by planting other things

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