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Pakistan Issues Another NOTAM Warning


Jan 20, 2021
United States
26 Feb happened with the permission of USA
Yeah and how did the whole skirmish Ends on 27th? the 27th also happen with the US overlooking it, US may not be on friendly terms with Pakistan but the US looks for its own interest, and right now US interests lies in maintaining balance in the region.
What fantasy world are you living in ? Pakistan nuclear and all the weapons are and will be for defense no matter if the adversary is India, Israel or USA.
Pakistani Missiles can't even touch the US mainland, so let's not fool ourselves and the nation, US is simply way out of Pakistan's reach or its missile. But as I was saying, US will not directly attack Pakistan, they learned their lessons from Iraq, with the poor Army and Equipment they manage to kill many Americans, Pakistan will be way way wayyyyy harder opponent to deal with that, not to mention the nuclear Weapons, China and International Standing of Pakistan will bring a lot of negative PR to US, and trust me America doesn't need that right now, so Pakistan doesn't need to worry, and for Israel you just cannot use Nukes on Israel, if anyone does than it means the whole land will be gone for decades, the radiation will cover the holy land than not even Muslims will be able to live there.
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