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Pakistan Is Going To Be Rich New Oil Reserves Discovered ! Sabir Shakir Analysis

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Oct 8, 2016
He is seriously ill but his disease will be fixed in few days I said fixed because he is brainless and it's general phenomenon in pro PTIs, this is the guy who said we have discovered huge huge oil in Sea at kekra 1 and latter he said oil is there but we won't use them because USA might be attracted and it can impose convert war us hence vigilant leadership have decided to tell the USA and world that we didn't discover any thing and many believed and Said Suban Allah subhan Allah Kaya gehri sooch hy leadership ki , while the best part of this joke was that Damm Americans who themselve were drilling that site, and Sabir shakir was saying that we do have oil but we want to protect it from USA hence to hide that oil we said no oil but I the genius dug out this news and now I am telling it on live main stream TV, choo....

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