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Pakistan, India, Bangladesh to battle it out at the South Asian tournament of Free Fire Tri-Series


May 4, 2019
Pakistan, India, Bangladesh to battle it out at the South Asian tournament of Free Fire Tri-Series
The six-day tournament will have top 18 teams from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh compete for a USD 50,000 prize.
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Garena, a leading global online games developer and publisher, just announced its Free Fire Tri-Series, the mobile battle of Royale Game’s largest eSports tournament in South Asia.
The high-octane tournament will bring together the top 18 Free Fire teams from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, each represented by the top six teams in its respective domestic league – the Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring, Free Fire Bangladesh Championship and Free Fire Pakistan League.
Kicking off on April 9, the Free Fire Tri-Series will have 18 teams compete in a thrilling six-day battle to determine who proceeds to the grand finals on April 25 and claims the lion's share of the USD 50,000 prize pool.
What's in it for the Free Fire community?
The Free Fire community has continued to expand in South Asia and across the world, with the mobile battle royale game being the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2020 and 2019.
Through the Free Fire Tri-Series, Garena aims to continue its efforts towards entertaining the fast-growing South Asian community with exciting Free Fire eSports content, and to support and develop the incredible talent in the region.
The Free Fire Tri-Series will also help strengthen the connection fans hold with their teams, as they watch them battle for glory and national pride.
Tournament format
The Free Fire Tri-Series promises to provide an action-packed April for teams and fans.
The tournament will feature a total of 18 teams competing in the Battle Royale Squad mode. Each team will be split into 3 groups and will face off against each other twice across six match days.
At the end of day six, all scores will be pooled and the top 12 teams will proceed to the grand finale on April 25.

The ultimate winner of the tournament will receive a USD 50,000 prize.
The schedule for the Free Fire Tri-Series is as follows:
Match Day 1
– April 9
Match Day 2 – April 10
Match Day 3 – April 11
Match Day 4 – April 16
Match Day 5 – April 17
Match Day 6 – April 18
Qualified Teams
The Free Fire Tri-Series will feature the best teams from the Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh domestic leagues.

What's special about the Free Fire Tri-Series?
The Free Fire Tri-Series will prove an excellent testing ground for the top teams in each of these regions, before selected teams depart to Singapore for the Free Fire World Series 2021, which is to be held from May 22 to May 29.
The titans will get a unique opportunity to represent their nation at this pinnacle event for Free Fire eSports globally.
Broadcast details
The high-octane Free Fire Tri-Series matches will be livestreaming via its official YouTube channel and social media handles, with live commentary in Urdu.
About Garena
Garena is a Singaporean online game developer and publisher with Free Fire being one of its most popular battle royale games. It exclusively licenses and publishes hit titles from global partners – such as Arena of Valor, Call of Duty: Mobile, and League of Legends – in selected markets globally.
The company champions social and entertainment experiences through games, enabling its communities to engage and interact. Garena is also a leading eSports organiser and hosts some of the world’s biggest eSports events.



Jul 24, 2017
I use to get beaten up by my parents if seen at a video game shop.. Time has really changed. God should have taken some more time to land me on planet earth :lol:

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