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Pakistan facing acute shortage of qualified dentists

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    KARACHI - There are 13,000 qualified dental surgeons in the country against equal number of fake as well as street dentists, said Dr Syed Mahmood Shah, Patron of the Dental Congress that concluded on Sunday evening.
    “Presence of these quacks playing havoc with the public health is a matter of serious concern,” he said.
    Talking to journalists, Dr Shah said there was one dentist for every 4,000 people in a city like Karachi against one dentist for a population of 100,000 in rural areas. “To tell you the truth one can barely find a qualified dentist in rural parts of the country,” he said.
    In reply to a question, he expressed his reservations about Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and regretted that it has not taken any pragmatic step to curb the menace of quackery in the field of dentistry.
    Dr Shah disputed the argument that there is no legal provision to counter quackery in the country. He, however, agreed that PMDC rules are applicable on qualified doctors and dentists, registered with it, for any false doing.
    “Timely action against PMDC registered professionals indulged in misuse of their licenses can deter quacks,” he said.
    Earlier, senior professionals of the country discussing “Preventive Dentistry,” said health authorities were reluctant to address the menace of quackery, consequently the business was flourishing leaps and bounds. “What is being ignored that these street dentists are the major source contributory to the spread of Hepatics B and C in the country,” they said.
    They, however, acknowledged that the treatment of dental diseases was expensive and beyond the reach of masses who were left with no option but to approach quack and street dentists at the cost of their health from where they get gifts of other diseases.
    The congress provided a great opportunity for budding dentists to interact with the foreign delegates. The event turned out to be an ideal forum to assess the dental needs of the upcoming generation.
    It also attracted a large number of general practitioners academicians and allied professionals.
    The speakers included Prof Ayyaz Ali Khan who discussed Understanding the Importance of Prevention through New Era while Dr Amynah Tariq talked about on Osteoporosis Screening-Role of dental surgeons. Dr Syed Akhtar Hussain Bokhari had his presentation on influence of periodontal diseases on systemic inflammatory mediators followed by presentations by Dr Ambrina Qureshi on New Curriculum Framework for Preventive Dentistry in Pakistan, Dr Sobia Bilal’s Preventing Disability: Through promotion of Health-Related Quality of Life in Head and Neck Oncology; Dr Afshan Khan’s Review of Economic Evaluations of Dental Caries Prevention Programs and Dr Kaifi Iqbal’s Performance of Glass Ionomer Cement in Preventive Dentistry Based on Variation in Powder/Liquid Ratio.

    Pakistan facing acute shortage of qualified dentists | The Nation

    Anyone a Dentist here or is planning on becoming one? :D
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    ^^^ chinese are natural born dentistss. You should invite them :)
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    India has lot of dentists.but not much doctors.you should exchange.