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Pakistan evacuating 308 nationals through Turkey

Pax Ottomana

Dec 26, 2009
Syrian Arab Republic
A group of 308 Pakistanis stranded by the Libyan uprising have been evacuated by ferry to the Turkish port of Marmaris, as part of what Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu called a “perfect” evacuation operation.

The Pakistanis will soon be transported to Pakistan via chartered flights, according to the country’s embassy in Ankara.

“This is in addition to 354 workers who were earlier flown to Lahore [on Monday night]. Another group of 13 persons was sent to Pakistan on Feb. 28,” a written statement released by the embassy said Wednesday.

According to Davutoğlu, more than 22,600 Turkish citizens have been evacuated from crisis-hit Libya in operations that have also included 3,340 people from 52 different countries, including 1,500 Vietnamese people who were working for the Turkish companies in Libya.

Davutoğlu said the evacuation, one of the most successful in Turkey’s history, had been carried out due to excellent coordination between different state institutions, including the General Staff and the Transportation Ministry.

“We planned three different ways for the evacuation, by air, by sea and by land. We evacuated more than 10,000 people by air, more than 8,000 people by sea and more than 2,000 people by land,” Davutoğlu said.

Of the 308 Pakistanis recently brought to Turkey, 89 are employees of M/s Tekfen and 26 are workers at M/s TML Construction, both of which are Turkish companies. The firms are making arrangements for their repatriation to Pakistan while the Pakistani Foreign Ministry is chartering Pakistan International Airlines aircraft to take home the remaining group of 193 people, which includes eight minors.

The complete list of the workers and others is available at Pakistan Turkey Blog, the statement from the embassy said.

The Pakistani Embassy in Turkey has been designated as the regional focal point for operations and is coordinating all evacuation efforts based on instructions from Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir. The embassy has set up a field office in the southwestern district of Marmaris and a four-member embassy team is helping Pakistanis with their immigration formalities and arranging lodging and the meeting of other needs.

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