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Pakistan-backed war criminal gets death in Bangladesh

May 7, 2012
United Kingdom

Pakistan-backed war criminal gets death in Bangladesh​

ANI2 July, 2022
Pakistan-backed war criminal gets death in Bangladesh
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Dhaka [Bangladesh], July 2 (ANI): Bangladesh International Crimes Tribuna-1 on Thursday sentenced Pakistan-backed war criminal Md Shafi Uddin Moulana to death for crimes during the country’s Liberation War in Lakhai Upazila of Habiganj.

Shafi, who is v since the case started, was the central committee secretary of East Pakistan Nezam-e-Islam, a wing of Jamaat-e-Islami. He participated in the provincial assembly elections as its candidate, according to Asian Lite International citing case records.

Along with Shafi, Tajul Islam alias Fokan, Md Jahed Miah alias Jahid Miah and Saleque Miah were awarded imprisonment till death on the same charges.

The three-member tribunal, headed by Justice Md Shahinur Islam, found the other accused guilty of the charges brought against them for committing genocide, murders, rapes, abductions and tortures during the 1971 Liberation War in Lakhai Upazila in Habiganj.

The special court, however, acquitted another accused, Sabbir Ahmed, of war crime charges.

According to the court verdict, the Tribunal withdraw the case of the arrest warrant against Sabbir, which they had issued earlier.

According to the publication, in 1971, Shafi took the stance against the Independence of Bangladesh and worked as a close associate and collaborator for the Pakistani Occupation Army.

Shafi was also known as a leader of the peace committee and Razakar Bahini of Lakhai and worked as the auxiliary force of the Pakistan Army, who committed genocide, rapes and killings.

The tribunal’s investigating agency released the final report on March 21, 2016, against the five accused persons, reported Asian Lite International.

The trial in the case began on February 8, 2019, with the framing of charges against the accused.

During the 1971 Genocide in Bangladesh, the Pakistan military deliberately harmed hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshi citizens. Rights group says the horrors of 1971 are considered one of the worst mass atrocities in history.

The damage they inflicted can be described in the following numbers. As many as three million people were believed to have been killed, up to 200,000 women were violated and over 10 million people were forced to cross the border to India to seek shelter. (ANI)

This report is auto-generated from ANI news service. ThePrint holds no responsibility for its content.

Good. Give these Muslims what they deserve. Islamic justice. Lash 'em, stone 'em and then slice their heads in public.

May Allah forgive them.


Oct 18, 2016
United States
United States
I don't know and don't care.

We can move on from the past after justice has been served. There is no moving on until justice has been served.

People don't need to eat, Razakars will eat.

Razakar's shadow,
Hang more koira.

Let me ask you.

What would need to happen to satisfy your requirement that justice has been served?


Sep 21, 2018
Good. Give these Muslims what they deserve. Islamic justice. Lash 'em, stone 'em and then slice their heads in public.

May Allah forgive them.

Violation of Haqqul Ibad is not for Allah to forgive. Allah only forgives violation of Haqqullah.
Good luck to them getting forgiveness from each of the people they wronged on the day of judgement when everyone will be running around chanting, "Ya nafsi ya nafsi".

I don't know what my situation will be on that day but if I have some spare time I would like to see with a lot of interest and perhaps glee how the behavior and face of the arrogant and proud ones changes on that day. Yahya, Bhutto, Tikka, Niazi, Farman Ali the dogs of hellfire are a few characters of interest to me.

Let me ask you.

What would need to happen to satisfy your requirement that justice has been served?

That's a very strange question you asked me.

Let me ask you. If someone commits a crime, what constitutes justice in the mind of any sober, moral, prudent, upright human being in the civilized world?
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Feb 4, 2014
United States
Let me ask you.

What would need to happen to satisfy your requirement that justice has been served?


This type of mentality only belongs to Chetonabadi brain-washed types, whose hate of Pakistan is bordering that of psychopaths.

Or possessed also by India-shill fifth columnists (some of whom are rabid Hindutva hatemongers living in Bangladesh emboldened by the rise of Modi). To them - a Bangladesh being a convenient whipping boy of India suits them very well, because they are Hindu in any case, and would have a strong identity in a Bangladesh subject to Indian economic and cultural hegemony (which was foisted in our country back in 1952 by Kolkata activists such as Barkat - early Chetona days)....where any Muslim values take a back seat to Hindutva ones....

To them - anyone that wants to normalize relations with Pakistan is a "Razakar", though 1971 happened fifty years ago.

To these people - hate of Pakistan is a means to garner votes in Bangladesh.

Ask @Atlas Bhai, he understands these Chetona types very very well. :-)

Thankfully there are patriot Hindus in this country as majority who see a Bangladesh free of Indian influence as preferable.


Aug 2, 2018
No - the source is ANI - Indian news source.
@Bilal9 ,Jani re Bhai ! Extension a .in dekhei bujhsi ze eita indian! I'm just countering the Pakistani trolls who always jump like shrimp and attack Bangladesh whenever someone post any news from indian source.

I personally believe that Pakistanis are closer to Indians than us ,despite their fake hate towards India.

It's we Bangladeshis who are the real advarsary as well as victim of bloody Delhi establishment ( both BJP and congress, just BJP is a deadly threat that must be countered instantly and emergency ) !

So when Pakistani idiots troll , sometimes it need to be countered!

Though I always go soft !

Godi Media Organ. Peddling hate for Pakistan.
It's called divide and rule. They are not only peddling hate for Pakistan but for Bangladesh as well!

They never want Pakistan and Bangladesh come closer! Although I don't know how Pakistani sell out govt can serve Muslim countries , still I hope majority Pakistani brother and sisters are against the imported govt!

However although it's their internal matter ,still it has effect on this region!

Pro American imported govt in the end will be allied to India secretly! I hope Allah will save them and patriotic portion of establishment will make patriot leader the PM of Pakistan again.

Only then Godi Media propaganda can be countered effectively!

I wish Modi would leave us the freak alone.
He will not leave us alone Bhaijan! Wait and see! Real target is Bangladesh and Hasina regime!

Yes sounds weird because most of us are too emotional and too lazy to.use out brain!

After long days of anti indian position our @UKBengali finally understand that India is our spouse ( নাং / ভাতার!) , same as his minister momen!

So do you think that modi is leaving us alone? No , things are getting completicated!

Although online strangers opinion has almost no value , still I see that after Hasina , the fall of BAL isn't too far!

It's my opinion though, as I'm no fortune teller!

But if you realize ( unlike @bluesky) that the Bay of Bengal is the real center of power play ( forget about Ukraine war , it's just a show off ,Russia is acting as offensive power ; but the real economic power is china! You see USA is closely observing China?) Then you will understand why Modi will do anything to screw Bangladesh!

Unfortunately what we see with Bare eyes,mostly these are false ,and navie people ( like @UKBengali ) who pretend to kill horse and eliphant with Bare hand , and in the end even cant kill a weasel!

So there is no reason to think that India consider us equal partner , as it's a development delusion!

On the other hand I would say Modi will never leave us alone ! Instead he will try to divide and rule us!

Not interested in his "Pakistan hate" mission.
Same no disagreement! Only few chetona khors hates Pakistan! Among Bangladeshi Muslims I believe 95% has no issue with Pakistan! People have many other things to do other than whining about 51 years old issue!

These chetona gang consider people idiots! But they are real idiots , because only real idiots believe that others will buy their cheap propaganda which is actually a broken record , and it's becoming kinda annoying!

Nowadays even don't enjoy their broken record as fun stuff!

Someone in Bangladesh will tell him to eff off politely, when Hasina is gone.
We have to wait for real patriotic powers! BNP and Younus are indian asset as well!

That's why I choose inteegence agency backed Gano Odhikar porishod! However all party were intelligence agency backed , but old two party are out of control now!

I hope new party/parties will be real patriotic! But in the end , if we can't have sino Russia sided establishment, we can't be free from MI6 installed governments!

Look what westerners just had done to Pakistan?

If you want to see how Godi Media peddles lies and want to see the truth in India, visit the https://www.altnews.in/ site.

Modi's people are already harassing their founder(s) and trying to shut them down.

Amazing stuff.....
No need to see their propaganda bhai , as I already know about it.

Even if they comes with flowers I won't believe them!

I hate sanghi swines more than the most! So even if they by any chance tell the truth , I won't believe them!
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