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Pakistan Army Revamp: Northern, Southern, Central Commands to be Setup


Apr 1, 2007

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Pakistan Army Revamp: Northern, Southern, Central Commands to be Setup

Dated 25/4/2007

Pakistan is creating three new army commands to improve the operational efficiency and working of its land forces. The Northern, Southern and Central Commands that are being created will be responsible for the administrative arrangements of the corps falling under their respective commands, said a Pakistan Army official.

The official said while the establishment of the Northern and South Commands have been finalised, the Central Command would be raised shortly.

A three-star General (Lt. General) will head the regional commands. The commanders for the two already established commands would be announced within a few weeks, the official added.

According to The News, the Pakistan Army would be the second arm of the country's defence forces that will be having three separate commands. The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) already has three commands.

According to the paper, the Southern Command will be having its headquarters in Quetta, provincial capital of Balochistan, while the Northern Command's headquarters is yet to be determined, though the two likely choices are either Gujranwala or Mangla.

A highly placed official said the idea to have separate regional commands was conceived after a thorough study of the military systems of various countries having large contingents.

The US, the UK and India are following the regional command system and it is working effectively in all these countries. The restructuring will help build Pakistan Army on modern management lines, the official said.

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