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Pakistan Army evacuates, rescues 699 people from Sehwan


Sep 8, 2008
Rawalpindi: Pakistan Army has evacuated and rescued 699 people from Sehwan and surrounding of Bubuk, Jhangara and Bhan Saeedabad. Army medical teams have provided free medical treatment to 4000 stranded people of flood affected areas.

Army has dispatched 24 trucks carrying 180 tons of dry rations and 26,472 for stranded people and provided cooked food in areas of Sehwan and Daddu in Sindh. Besides this Army Engineers have restored 2 Bridges at Sehwan for normal traffic. Army Engineers have opened Ayub Bridge for two way traffic in KPK. Army has distributed 5, 18,607 family packets comprising rations and relief items among stranded people of Southern Punjab. Around 30,000 flood affected people of Jacobabad have gone back to their areas.

Army has started Heli service for transportation of standard people at Relief Camps in Dera Allah Yar and Jacobabad to their respective areas. Army troops have opened the roads for traffic between Dera Allah Yar and Jacobabad in Sindh and Balochistan. Army has installed 24 water filtration plants for standard people of Dera Allah Yar, Gandakha and Sohbat Pur in Sindh.

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