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Pakistan approves first national security policy document


Dec 29, 2019
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
In every large national/social sphere in every country, there are plenty of laws and policy in the books.

The problem is always in the real-world application of policy and more specifically, implementation of procedures.

To implement, one has to measure beginning-state (commencement situation) of plan, end-state of plan and a given (estimated) timeframe of completion so that progress against specific progress milestones can be measured so extra resource, time and money can be allocated to complete the project on time.

You know where I got all this? From my memories of a basic college level Project Management PMP certification book in the US from a decade ago, which outlines these basic principles for every project, even as minor as making a Tin-shed.

The reason even basic projects run smoothly in the West (forget large projects like implementing a National Security Policy for a country like Pakistan or Bangladesh) is that there is discipline, an earnest desire to do better and accountability. The last word is extremely important.

There has to be repercussions and accountability for failure.

If no one is responsible or accountable then we are all screwed and can spend millions or even Billions of dollars and still have less than optimal outcome, with cost and schedule over-runs costing millions.

These are the reasons why we are as f*cked today in South Asia as we see now.

Bangladesh is no better than any other country about lack of accountability.

You'd be surprised to know that Pakistan is doing heck of a lot better then the prevailing image.

When we, you and I got our independence we were the backwaters of South Asia. Despite all the trials and tribulations, we have come far, any shortcomings Bangladesh had have started to be covered in the past few decades.
Pakistan is doing extremely good, because idiots are not able to participate in mature programs for manufacture of tanks, fighter aircrafts and submarines, there have to be certain quantifiable capabilities to undertake those projects at any level.
The only thing that has halted Pakistan's observable development is the Afghan mess, a mess not of Pakistan's making.


Feb 4, 2014
United States
It's a story throughout the poor countries. Living in America exposes you to highly educated people from the world if you happen to have such environment, especially in the academia. In my circle, I had friends from Serbia, Kosovo, Honduras, Greece and some other countries and the common theme is 'corruption' of the ruling elites and lack of accountability.
Pakistanis have just perfected the art of breast-beating about everything as if Pakistan is the most corrupt and the most dysfunctional country in the world. No good deed goes unpunished in Pakistan. The sky is always falling.
Coming back to the topic: This is a very good policy document. Now there is a written framework in place. Just like the Constitution of Pakistan is in place. Some day implementation will be more of laws because of some good leaders or bureaucrats or judges or generals... there will be legal cover for the required actions for those people to take.

Masha'Allah great to hear.

At least in Pakistan there is rule of law and people can take comfort in it, certainly more than other countries.

Not to speak ill of my own country or derail the thread, but Supreme Court judges have been exiled for speaking against Hasina.

At least that does not happen in Pakistan and the press freedom seems to be higher too.

El Sidd

Apr 5, 2017
Nobody knows who drafted this and how feasible it is.

The rhetorical government with their rhetorical opposition are a national security threat.

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