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Pakistan all-praise for Markandey Katju

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    Discussions about Justice Markandey Katju are slowly spilling over to Pakistan. Known for remarks that include calculations about the intellectual level of Indians and the non-seriousness of the Indian media, Katju has now been writing a monthly column in The Express Tribune, apart from occasional articles in other newspapers.

    One of his recent articles has offended Pakistani readers, as is evident from the online feedback. His contribution to the release of fishermen arrested along the coastal areas on the border, on the other hand, has earned him praise from human rights groups of Pakistan.

    Katju has remarked on Pakistan in India too. On March 5, at the Rajiv Gandhi memorial lecture organised by the Institute of Parliamentary in Thiruvananthapuram, he described Pakistan as "Jurrasic Park".

    Former Pakistan foreign secretary Shamshad Ahmad wrote an article tilted 'May you live long, Katju' in The Nation on February 26, reacting to one of Katju's recent writings. Shamsad writes that Katju called Pakistan a "fake country" created through the "bogus" Two-Nation Theory, and that Katju predicted India, Pakistan and Bangladesh would reunite in the next 15-20 years; actually, the latter two would merge into India as it is only India that exists while the rest are part of it.

    "One can only sympathise with Justice Katju for his 'reunification' illusions and pray he lives long to see that Pakistan is there to stay and grow in stature and strength," Ahmad wrote. This was followed by 'Katju's tirades' in The News on February 27. This time, Ahmad wrote, "Katju... is known for making stunning statements. He has been in the news for his 'words of wisdom' especially after his retirement from the Indian judiciary in 2011..."

    Contacted by The Indian Express, Ahmad said: "I don't know him personally but read his articles in Pakistani papers and searched online. I gathered he can be quite a maverick, though not communal despite his odd remarks about Pakistan... Katju says a reunification of India and Pakistan will take place in 15-20 years, while calling 80 per cent Indians communal. If they are communal, how will they let this reunification take place? Such are his contradictions. He may be a well-meaning person but his views are not stable at times."

    On March 2, Katju reacted to Ahmad's article in The Nation. In 'The truth about Pakistan', Katju shared the details of an e-mail exchange with Ahmad and wrote, "The present violent strife and disturbances in Pakistan are the logical and inevitable result of creating a theocratic state in this subcontinent and, hence, the only solution is the reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh under a strong, secular, modern minded government..."

    When The Indian Express reached him, Katju refused to talk about this subject. Ahmad was disturbed about the "breach of the sanctity of their private e-mail exchange". "But I've forgiven him," Ahmad added.

    The Nation has traditionally taken an anti-India stance, with founder editor Majid Nizami known for severe remarks against India and its people. The decision to publish Katju's article, which appeared surprising, came after Nizami's daughter Rameeza took over as managing editor recently.

    "I smiled after reading Justice Katju's article. I wanted to publish it," she said. "I expected spirited feedback on it and haven't been disappointed. My father knew I was publishing it and agreed. I'd be delighted to publish Katju again."

    Asked if Katju was becoming a talking point in Pakistan select circles, she said, "Political, diplomatic and journalistic circles are familiar with him, but being known for your views doesn't mean everyone who knows you agrees with you."

    Express Tribune executive editor M Ziauddin said: "Katju saheb is our favourite contributor. We publish all his pieces as they are taken favourably by our readers, though after the recent article about Pakistan, people have been offended. He is a lovable character; speaks his mind, often radical. His views are often off the cuff, hence he has to defend them often. Once we met in Paris, and he told me that he is afraid of coming to Pakistan because of all that is attributed to him about Pakistan."

    He added that the chairman of a press council must have an "exaggerated sense of righteousness".

    Pakistan all-praise for Markandey Katju - Indian Express
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    Everyone makes mistake, its important people should be able to speak their mind.
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    hahaha... the editors of Pak newspaper are so happy at the circulation going up due to some high quality trolling.
    I am sure they would love to keep publishing him and laugh all the way to the bank.
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    Why do you think they are publishing him? Including papers like 'The Nation'? ;)