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Pak Authorities use circumcision to identify "Indian Agents"

Discussion in 'Pakistan's Internal Security' started by Rabbit.Rabbit, Apr 11, 2009.

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    Apr 7, 2009
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    Lahore attack: Pak blame fails Waziristan circumcision test!
    Omer Farooq Khan | TNN
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    Islamabad: In the past, jubilant Pakistani authorities have announced that foreign, read Indian, agents were involved in explosions and attacks in the restive Swat region based on examination of the corpses of the killed attackers.
    But the acid test cops and officials used to determine whether any of the dead ones was Indian was to check whether the man had been circumcised. If not, they would summarily dub him Hindu and therefore an Indian agent.
    But as more such cases showed up, in places where there was not a ghost of a chance of any Indian involvement, doctors and officials began to worry about the methodology. It’s then that they stumbled on a little-known anthropological fact about Pashtun tribes in Waziristan, from where many of the Tehreeke-Taliban or Pakistani Taliban come.
    It appears that many in the backward tribal areas of the country like Waziristan don’t undergo the mandatory circumcision that all Muslim males should undergo. The story took a rather comic turn when some of government’s own injured paramilitary soldiers, when examined, were found to be uncircumcised. This was especially true of wounded soldiers of the Frontier Constabulary from Waziristan, engaged in fighting Taliban militants.
    Kamran Khan, a legislator from Waziristan in Pakistan’s lower house of Parliament, told TOI that many in the poor tribal areas fail to undergo circumcision because it is either not mandated in their tribal codes or because in many villages there are neither hospitals or even barbers, who perform most circumcisions in rural areas.
    “People are either circumcised in hospitals or barbers do the job. Neither we have hospitals in Waziristan nor institution of barbers,’’ Khan said, adding that poor people of Waziristan can’t afford to take their male children to other areas for circumcision.
    “I don’t deny there are uncircumcised people in Waziristan but it doesn’t mean that there are no circumcised ones.’’
    Alert in Islamabad: US embassy closed
    Islamabad: A red alert was sounded in the federal capital on Friday as the US embassy, UN and World Bank offices suspended operations following threats from Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud to carry out suicide attacks in the city, interior ministry chief Rehman Malik said. Security was beefed up at important installations, including the presidency, Prime Minister’s House, parliament, government offices, diplomatic missions and residences of diplomats, he said. PTI
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    That's total B.S.!

    Jews also have the same law and they've been following that law for thousands of years, are you saying that people in tribal areas today are more backwards than the Jews of 5 thousand years ago?

    The people from tribal areas were amongst the first people to accept Islam in South Asia, I'm sure they know this very basic law.

    No source provided, so I'm assuming this bogus article is from an Indian news source to cover up their terrorist acts.
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    Pretty hard to believe this times of India tale.

    I'm pretty sure circumcision is obligatory and a tribe that is claiming to be a champion of Islam can't just decide against it.
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    The only place where this "news" is found is in times of india.


    Kamran Khan who they say made the quote is the same person who makes constant appearances in Zaid Hamid show, the show that Indians are crazy about.

    Tribal leaders dont even allow a single hair of a woman to be shown would they allow their sons to be uncircumcised???? I dont think so, this is a very basic law that Muslims have been following for over a thousand years and Jews have been following for five thousand years when barbers didn't even exist.
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    Hi ppl,
    1st of all I must I 'm an Indian who just happen to land up to your forms while surfing the Taliban and pakistan ..
    The topic of circumcision is not what i am here to talk about...
    i am here to ask you guys a bigger question... !
    what the hell you guys are doing when ur country is at the helm of breaking....!!!
    Do we(you) just blame the Indians and The Americans for doing this ...
    what about your own corrucpt officials ..yaar!
    okay i take for granted the swat is being fueled by some foriegn agents .. how do you explain a peace treaty bought out for 30cr rupees to the anti -social and fundamentalist ...
    I mean..
    what kind of government takes a ransom... for handing out its own citizens ..
    By the time writing this post I have a news : Two blasts rock Islamabad university: Police - Pakistan - World - The Times of India.
    Blast @ Islamabad Islamic university...

    and when it comes to India helping Taliban.... let me ask : what benefit did you guys are getting from spoiled Afghanistan?...
    We are equally worried about failing Pakistan just as american are about the Cubans.
    Having back to back two nations Afgstn and pakstn and the door step of India ...
    It is this worry that we Indians are invoking dialogs with the pakistani counterparts ...
    hoping a responsible reply...
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    This theory can't be completly deny.
    The taliban are the people who use to get bath after 3-4 months and don't make hair cut, is this Islamic???
  7. Kasrkin


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    This is not a good start you're getting off to. We like to keep things strictly relevant on threads, otherwise if everyone were to rant then they'd be no point to the discourse. But since you're clearly confused, I'll indulge you for a bit. If Pakistan is looking for ways to identify Indian infiltrators, then there is nothing for you to worry about since you obviously think India is too noble to get involved.

    As far as blaming Indians is concerned, yes many in Pakistan do. But then again there is IMMENSE amount of self-criticism and soul-searching in Pakistan in light of this war as well. The large majority of Pakistanis, including the media, press and political parties, acknowledge that the root of the issue and the solution to it lies in Pakistan. You don't have to take my word for it, just read dawn.com regularly if you wish to educated yourself on Pakistani opinion and discussions.

    On the other hand we have India, and her significant number of insurrectionist movements which are largely blamed on Pakistan (including in the east) by a significant proportion of the Indian media, press and public opinion. So, sure maybe some in Pakistan are in denial of the threat, and I stress on some because I've yet to see any Pakistani who says India started the unrest as opposed to is trying to use it. While in India, how many Indians have we seen who blame all the problems with the local Muslim population in Occupied Kashmir and in India on the Pakistani state? People tend to believe what is convenient, its no secret. Maybe, as an Indian, you should try and look at this aspect of your own country's popular perceptions instead of trying to decide (wrongly) what Pakistanis think, or do not think, of their situation. What's important is that Pakistan fighting the war with the desperation and ferocity of a nation threatened, if people believe that India has a part to play in the unrest (many neutral observers think its probable as well) then it doesn't affect our ability to fight negatively, in fact to the contrary.