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PAF Air Transport C-130 Squadron participated in USAF Air Mobility Rodeo.

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    my best wishes with you sir aftab alam .
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    8/1/2011 - Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. (AFNS) -- The Air Mobility Rodeo 2011 competition drew to a close here July 29 with the 97th Air Mobility Wing earning the "Best Air Mobility Wing" title during the awards presentation for the air mobility competition.

    In the closing ceremonies, the Rodeo commander addressed the thousands of people who had traveled from around the world to the biennial competition.

    "We came to learn everything we can and work hard," said Brig. Gen. Rick Martin. "Today, we hope to have a little fun as well, as we honor the competitors and their efforts."

    In his address during the closing ceremony, the general called Rodeo "an opportunity to get together with our teammates from across the Air Force and around the world, to trade lessons learned and build camaraderie, (and) to increase readiness and improve our military capability."

    "We never know where we'll be operating next, whether it's aeromedical evacuation, support after a natural disaster, or delivering cargo, passengers or troops where they're most needed," Martin said. "The more partnerships we can build around the globe, the better we can perform our mission.

    "That's what makes Rodeo so important," he added.

    The following teams were named the winners at Rodeo 2011:

    - Best Air Mobility Wing -- 97th Air Mobility Wing, Altus Air Force Base, Okla.

    - The Knucklebuster Award, which recognizes the maintenance team with the highest standards of professionalism, dedication and mutual respect for competitors: 439th Airlift Wing, Westover Air Reserve Base, Mass.

    - Best Aerial Port Team -- 62nd Airlift Wing/627th Air Base Group, Joint Base Lewis-McChord

    - Best Security Forces Team -- Team McGuire, Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J.

    - Best Contingency Response Operations Team -- 621st Contingency Response Wing, Joint Base MDL

    - Best Financial Management -- 375th Air Mobility Wing, Scott AFB, Ill.

    - Best Aeromedical Evacuation Team -- 446th Airlift Wing, Joint Base Lewis-McChord

    - Best Aerial Refueling Team -- 97th Air Mobility Wing, Altus AFB (Receiver) and 92nd Air Refueling, Fairchild AFB, Wash.

    - Best International Team -- Belgium

    - Best C-5 Wing -- Team Dover, Dover AFB, Del.

    - Best C-130 Wing -- 314th Airlift Wing, Little Rock AFB, Ark.

    - Best C-17 Wing -- 97th Air Mobility Wing, Altus AFB

    - Best KC-10 Wing -- Team Travis, Travis AFB, Calif.

    - Best KC-135 Wing -- 97th Air Mobility Wing, Altus AFB

    - Best Airland Wing -- Team Dover, Dover AFB

    - Best Tanker Wing -- 97th Air Mobility Wing, Altus AFB

    - Best Airdrop Wing -- 97th Air Mobility Wing, Altus AFB

    The other award winners are:

    Best C-5 Air-To-Air Refueling Team: Team Dover

    Best C-17 Air-To-Air Refueling Team: 97th AMW

    Best KC-10 Air-To-Air Refueling Team: Team Travis

    Best KC-135 Air-To-Air Refueling Team: 121st Air Refueling Wing, Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base, Ohio

    Best C-17 Air Drop Team: Team Alaska

    Best C-130 Air Drop Team: 314th AW (C-130H)

    Best C-17 Short Field Landing Team: 97th AMW

    Best C-130 Short Field Landing Team: 302nd AW, Petersen AFB, Colo.

    Best Joint Airdrop Inspection Team: Team Pope

    Best C-17 Backing & Combat Offload Team: 15th WG, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii

    Best C-130 Backing & Combat Offload Team: 317th Airlift Group, Dyess AFB, Texas

    Best C-5 Aircrew: Team Dover

    Best C-17 Aircrew: 97th AMW

    Best C-130 Aircrew: 314th AW (C-130H)

    Best KC-10 Aircrew: Team Travis

    Best KC-135 Aircrew: 121st ARW

    Best KC-10 Cargo Loading Team: Team McGuire

    Best KC-135 Cargo Loading Team: 121st ARW

    Best C-5 Preflight Team: Team Dover

    Best C-17 Preflight Team: 62nd AW/627th ABG

    Best C-130 Preflight Team: 317th AG

    Best KC-10 Preflight Team: Team Travis

    Best KC-135 Preflight Team: 22nd ARW, McConnell AFB, Kan.

    Best C-5 Maintenance Skills Team: Team Dover

    Best C-17 Maintenance Skills Team: 437th AW, Joint Base Charleston

    Best C-130 Maintenance Skills Team: 314th AW

    Best KC-10 Maintenance Skills Team: Team Travis

    Best KC-135 Maintenance Skills Team: 97th AMW

    Best Maintenance Skills Team: 314th AW

    Best C-5 Maintenance Team: Team Dover

    Best C-17 Maintenance Team: 437th AW

    Best C-130 Maintenance Team: 314th AW

    Best KC-10 Maintenance Team: Team Travis

    Best KC-135 Maintenance Team: Team MacDill

    Best Aerial Port Challenge Course Team: 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing, Ramstein Air Base, Germany

    Best C-5 Engine Running Offload: Team Dover

    Best C-17 Engine Running Offload: 62nd AW, Joint Base Lewis-McChord

    Best C-130 Engine Running Offload: 910th AW, Youngstown-Warren Air Reserve Squadron, Ohio

    Best In-Transit Visibility: 62nd AW/627th ABG

    Best Joint Inspection Team: 621st CRW

    Best 10K Forklift Operator Team: 521st AMOW

    Best 25K Halverson Loader Team: Team Travis

    Best Pallet Build-Up Team: 317th AG

    Best Advanced Designated Marksman/Sharpshooter: 621st CRW

    Best Combat Tactics Team: Team McGuire

    Best Combat Weapons Team: 446th AW

    Best Combat Endurance Team: Team Alaska

    Best Fit-To-Fight Team: Team Ramstein

    Best Aeromedical Evacuation Contingency Team: 446th AW

    Best Aeromedical Evacuation C-17 Configuration Team: 302nd AW

    Best Aeromedical Evacuation KC-135 Configuration Team: 302nd AW

    Best Flight Attendant Emergency Egress Team: 99th AS, Joint Base Andrews, Md.

    Best Flight Attendant Culinary Team: Team Ramstein

    Best Flight Attendant Team: Team Ramstein

    Best Contingency Operations ERO Team: 615th CRW, Travis AFB, Calif.

    Best Contingency Operations HELAMS Team: 621st CRW

    Best Contingency Operations SPICE Team: 621st CRW

    Best OSA/VIPSAM Precision Landing Team: Team Ramstein

    Best OSA/VIPSAM DV Block in Team: Team Ramstein

    Best OSA/VIPSAM Team: Team Ramstein

    Best T1 Low Level/Airdrop Team: 47th Flying Training Wing, Laughlin AFB, Texas

    Best T1 AR Team: 12th FTW, Randolph AFB, Texas

    Best T1 Team: 14th FTW, Columbus AFB, Miss.
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    7/26/2011 - JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. (AFNS) -- Chanting, "Team Pakistan," as they ascended the ramp to a KC-135R Stratotanker, four of the five-member Pakistan Air Mobility Rodeo 2011 aeromedical evacuation team were American Airman.

    Upon discovery that Pakistan only had one flight surgeon to compete in the aeromedical evacuation competition, members of Joint Base Lewis-McChord's Reserve unit stepped in.

    Flight Lt. Asif Jah lost his original teammates when their visas did not arrive in time. However, he was more than willing to accept his new teammates, who are usually assigned to the 446th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron.

    Though Jah is a trained flight surgeon, he was unfamiliar with equipment configurations for the KC-135R and C-17 Globemaster III. This part of the Rodeo competition requires a five-person team, traditionally consisting of two nurses and three medical technicians who set up patient support equipment accurately and in a short amount of time.

    The competition included the team configuring a patient support pallet, which is used during contingency operations to hold gurneys, said Master Sgt. Tim McClain, a KC-135R configuration competition umpire.

    To prepare Jah, he trained in less than a week for more than eight hours with his teammates 2nd Lt. Kimmie Marin, a 446th AES flight nurse; Master Sgt. Selina Barone, a 446th AES charge medical technician; Tech. Sgt. Stephanie Wegehoft, a 446th AES medical technician; and Senior Airman Gabriel Itaya, a 446th AES medical technician.

    "They were a great help," Jah said. "They took the training very seriously, and they really took the time to teach me."

    His teammates noticed Jah's dedication to training with the team. He was willing, and as a result he was a quick learner, Itaya said.

    Though the team finished the medical static five minutes past the goal of 25 minutes, they remained enthusiastic and continued to cheer "Team Pakistan" as they emptied the McConnell Air Force Base, Kan., KC-135R of the patient equipment.

    Jah saw the competition as a victory because the training will allow him to apply his knowledge of the KC-135R and C-17 patient configuration when he returns home. He said he is very grateful for the training the Airmen gave him because it's something he can take back with him to Pakistan and help save lives.

    The Airman who worked with Jah said it was an experience of which they were proud to be a part.

    "This was a great opportunity," Itaya said. "We also saw it as a training opportunity and a way to expand international relations."

    The team will learn the results of their efforts when Rodeo concludes July 29.
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