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PAF aces meet : Air Cdr (R) MM Alam , Gp Cap (R) Saif ul Azam.


May 3, 2009
Gp Cap (R) (Saif Ul Azam)





Saiful Azam is a not heard of much in aircombat. Azam has the unique distinction of having kills against airforces of two different countries. as a young flying officer during the 65 Conflict, Saiful Azam managed to shoot down an IAF Gnat on Sept 18th, a rarity as such the Gnat was seldom lost in Aircombat. his victim Fg Off V Mayadev ejected to become a POW.

Azam participated two years later in the Arab Israeli conflict of June 1967. deputed to the Royal Jordanian Air Force, flying Hunters, the RJAF Hunters were flown out to the Iraqi Airbase of H-3 in an attempt to put them out of range of Israeli Air Force.

It was here he accomplished a unique feat, flying in a Hawker Hunter as a No.2 His formation intercepted an Israeli formation of Four Vautours and Two Mirage IIIs. One of the Mirage IIIs was flown by Capt. Gideon Dror. Dror shot down Azam's Wingman, but himself fell to Azam's Guns.

Dror ejected to be taken POW. Moments later, Azam intercepted the formation of four Vantour Bombers and bought down one of them flown by Capt Golan, who ejected. . Azam had earlier bought down a Super Mystere the previous day over Jordan. Azam , being a Bengali did not fly in the 71 conflict.

In the final reckoning Azam ties up with Alam in terms of kills, but his tally has a range of kills including the enviable credit of a Mach 2 Mirage III Fighter.

Air cdr (R) MM Alam



Sqn Ldr Alam was the Commanding Officer of No.11 PAF Squadron flying Sabres during the 65 Conflict. Most certainly the top scoring pilot of that particular War, Alam had notched up Four Confirmed Hunters and One Probable Hunter Kill during several encounters with the Indian Air Force. Undoubtedly an Experienced and skilled pilot, all his victims were Hunter fighters and by a coincidence, all the Hunters though shot down in different occasions belonged to the same Squadron. No.7 IAF "Battle Axes". Alam shot down his first Hunter on Sep 6th, 1965 in a raid on the Indian Air Field at Adampur. Intercepted by Four Hunters of the IAF, Alam got onto the tail of Sqn Ldr A K "Peter" Rawlley. Rawlley lost control of the aircraft trying to evade Alam and struck the ground and got killed. The very next day, Alam bought down two Hunters which were exiting from a raid on Sargodha. Both the Pilots, Sqn Ldr Bhagwat and Fg Off J S Brar were killed. Alam scored again in the war on Sep 16th, while leading a raid on the airfield at Halwara. Alam bought down Fg Off Farokh Bunsha's Hunter although losing his wingman to another Hunter in the process.

Alam's feat of being the top scorer of the conflict is however marred by his inaccurate claims. At the end of the war, he had put in claims for Nine Hunters shot down whereas Indian Records do not support it. and this was made worse by the wartime propaganda efforts. In reality Alam has Four Confirmed kills.

there is a dispute about another Hunter loss, Sqn Ldr O N Kacker who ejected in Pakistan on Sep 7th, is credited to Alam, by the PAF. The Indian Air Force says otherwise, Kacker was lost miles away from the area where Alam claimed his kill. The debate rages on. If Alam did shoot Kacker down, then He can rightfully claim to be the first Jet Ace from the Subcontinent.

This picture was taken in 2003.

on the left , Gp Cap (R) Sail ul Azam - on the right - Air Cdr (R) MM Alam



Courtesy: Air Cdr (R) Kaiser Tufail


Sep 12, 2008
Did Saiful Azam move back to Pakistan? or was he just visiting? Who knows if he had flown in 71, he may have become an ace too.

Last Hope

Oct 18, 2010
Wasn't Saif ul Azam the officer in the Arab-Israel war, getting the title of 'Sword of Hussein' ??
I salute him :police:

He was great, youngest in the batallion I guess, but was the officer to lead a fight over night.
He dreamt to shot down Mirage, and it really did come out to be a success that night!

As for MM Alam, we all know him !!
Two legends of Pakistan Air Force !!

Thanks for sharing Aeronaut, I have read about Saif in a book by Air Cmdr, Kaiser Tufail (I know you must have read that too).

Salute to Pakistan Air Force for keeping us safe and steady, by giving away their lives and billions of dollars.

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