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Our VIP Culture

Discussion in 'Central & South Asia' started by third eye, Dec 3, 2012.

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    With time we S Asians have delegated a special status to certain sects of people who rule us. The world over there are special prvlidges that are given to some people based on their profile, the nature of their work or appointment.

    We have gone a step further by calling them VVIPsÂ’. In India there are other sub and sub sub categeories like Z Class, Z plus class etc. These chosen few enjoy super special privlidges like not having to wait for security, exemption from statutory checks and having Pilot vehicles ahead & behind their cars with aggressive looking & behaving gents who travel in them. These men consider themselves as a law unto themselves who brush aside lesser mortals who may be in their path.

    It does not matter if any patient may be being rushed to a hospital or any other such emergency, they have to wait patiently for the VVIP to pass.

    It surprises me that we have take this in our stride and allowed ourselves to be treated as riff raff who do not count. We are not supposed to have a life of our own and must stop because someone is passing by.

    Why ?

    The legacy of the old sarkari culture is carried too far. It was a refreshing change from the regular that I read of a case of a Supreme Court lawyer Harish Salve putting on notice the top cop in Delhi on this or face legal action.

    The amount of fuel & time wasted by an ordinary citizen is of no consequence for the police or those for whom parts of the city comes to a halt.

    I wonder what would the loss to the nation if these ppl were to leave home early like we all do catering for traffic en route to their office or airport ( they hardly ever travel by any other means besides Business Class at our expense). If they get shot or become a victim of a bomb like any of us could on any given day will the nation come to its knees ? He will simply be replaced by another Politician or bureaucrat who will resume milking us like his predecessor.

    Wo says the colonial culture has gone ? The Brit has been replaced by a desi who is worse and more insensitive than the Brit.

    This I expect applies to Pak in equal measure. I am not sure of BD though. Maybe they are less traumatized then us by those who are meant to serve them.

    Your views ?