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OSINT Analysis suggest Terrorist attach by BLA / BRAS is iminent

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    Hunting these terrorists needs to be done in a systematic approach. Traffic analysis of cell phones and other electronic means of communication, as well as tracking known couriers should build a picture of the enemy's "order of battle". deploying UAVs and high altitude balloons or manned aircraft with persistant surveliaance camera systems shoudl track whole areas in toubled parts of cities as well as along the border, and known operating areas of these terrorists.

    Then to counter them; MRAP equipped troops with Shotspotters, small UAVS, more comms and remote weapons systems to fire machine guns, grenade launchers, and cannons from inside the MRAP can be used to patrol suspected areas.

    IF attacked the enemies can be neutralized and intelligence gained used to track them back to their higher ups.

    This method, along with completing the border fences and securing the coast line, will prevent foreign assistance to these evil elements. Increased in investment into the regions will see the most vulnerable/susceptible people give up these terrorists or at least their ideas.

    The MRAPs will still be used to patrol CPEC routes and along the Afghan border as unforeseen attacks would be sponsored and launched against Pakistan at any time.

    Pakistan needs to get MRAPs from the US Excess defense articles stocks in Afghanistan if possible, along with the above mentioned equipment for them, so we can effectively combat this threat. The US will be selling or giving away this expensive equipment at rock bottom prices, and Pakistan needs to pursue them before it is too late.
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