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Opression against anyone , using Islam as an excuse Not allowed - Prime Minister Imran Khan


Sep 8, 2009
Oppressions against anyone , using Islam as an excuse Not allowed - Prime Minister Imran Khan

Prime Minister awarded the person who tried to save Srilankan Foreigner's life in Mob Violence related death


Translation of Prime Minister's Speech

I am here grateful to meet 1 person today , who tried his best to save life of Srilankan Foreigner
"Adnan" I want to tell you country needs role model and young people follow them. When we viewed that shameful video people noticed at least 1 person was on path of correct morals. You were against the Mob, you had higher moral ground.

I hope the Youth of Pakistan will remember you and notice that you were the only one standing infront of Animal Mobs

I am announcing from now anyone , who uses Religion and specially using Prophet Mohammad's name to commit crime , I am announcing today we state of Pakistan will come after you

Prophet Mohammad's title was , blessing for whole man kind , he brought together in his own time , he stopped wars on Arabian land and removed differences among the tribe of Arabia.

Might is right , the concept is applicable to Jungle's law , in Human's civilization there are rule and law. In Jungle the strongest survive. A human civilization promotes tolerance and helping the weak.

The Prophet took care of Minorities and he setup a environment where justice was provided to Minorities

Today what is happening is illegal acts and criminal acts , and people are wrongly accusing people and then killing a person. This is not acceptable !!!! People get afraid to question the claims , if anyone indeed committed crime by disrespecting Prophet Mohammad or not. One person can't just accuse and then be the judge and jury.

[Today whole Pakistan has made stand , this will not be Tolerated !!!!]

Sialkot Business Community today announced that they will donate 100,000 USD to victim's family and they will pay salary to his family for life

People who claim , you Love Prophet Mohammad then follow his Hadith and his merciful nature !!!! Don't walk opposite path. The Civilization needs to educate the children on true nature of Prophet Mohammad how Merciful Prophet was

We need to educate children better, Politicians today claim someone is disloyal to Prophet Mohammad for political gain no more.

[Quoting a Incident from Islamic Early Years]
Once a Muslim Warrior killed a man, who before dying "Accepted Islam", out of fear or not, the Islamic Warrior could not determine because it was a war environment. Later however when Prophet Mohammad heard this news he did not talk for 3 days to the man who killed the other person. Later he questioned him how would you know what was in heart of that man? , if he truly accepted Islam you should not have killed that person even in state of War and battle.

After seeing Adnan trying to help the poor Sri Lankan victim today we are proud you did the right thing

We want to bring light to you to show our Nationals that such brave people like you exist.

We look at India they do similar actions , Mob violence we feel the pain there too . Today they are showing this case as if Pakistan has these issues all the time. However this is not the case , this is not NORMAL

Pakistan does not welcomes this type of crime and we will act !!!

I assure , in most stern manner This will never happen in Pakistan as long as I (Imran Khan) am Alive!!! Minorities will be Protected
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