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Operation Khyber IV.


Mar 11, 2006
I am hearing rumors that the PAF launched some deep penetration strike missions into Afghanistan just as the OP started. Any confirmation?

Might be one of the reasons for the sore response of the Afghans


Sep 20, 2013
Pakistan's major offensive launched to quash Daesh cross-border movement

Pakistani ground forces, backed by air power, are currently conducting a major operation in a rugged mountainous region to dismantle the hideouts of armed groups, especially Daesh or the so-called Islamic State, and to block their cross-border movement.

The operation in the Khyber tribal region is focused on Rajgal Valley, located at a height of nearly 4,200 meters above sea level, and the eight passes of which the militants now use to enter Pakistan for their activities.

They had previously been exploiting the absence on the ground of Pakistani forces in Rajgal, which borders Afghanistan's eastern Nangarhar province. The United States dropping of the so-called "Mother of All Bombs" in Nangarhar in April to eliminate a hideout of the Islamic State's fighters was a strong indication of the Daesh group's prevalence in the region.

Although the Pakistan military has cleared most areas held by the Taliban and other militant groups in seven tribal regions, the militants still use inaccessible routes in rugged mountains for cross-border movements to carry out attacks.

As Pakistani officials insist on a "zero tolerance" policy for Daesh, the army started a new, large-scale operation codenamed "Khyber 4" despite the fact that the army is heavily stretched in tribal regions close to the borders with Afghanistan, as well as in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, in view of the escalations along the Line of Control in recent months.

Pakistan military spokesperson Major General Asif Ghafoor told local media on July 16 that Indian forces have committed 580 ceasefire violations so far this year, which he described as the "highest in any year."

In view of losing ground in Pakistan, different militant groups now coordinate attacks in spite of their differences, to terrorize the people and show their continued existence through attacks on soft targets and target killings. The security forces have recently disclosed that Daesh has managed attacks with sectarian group "Lashkar-e-Jhangvi" involving large-scale attacks on security forces and Shiite Muslims.

Lashkar had claimed responsibility for twin deadly suicide bombings in a crowded marketplace in the tribal city of Parachinar last month, killing over 80 people and injuring nearly 200. All of those killed and injured were civilians, indicating the seriousness of the challenge Pakistan faces as banned groups have now adopted the policy to carry out massacres in sectarian attacks.


Terrorists' hideouts on mountain near Pak-Afghan border cleared: ISPR

The Inter Services Press Public Relations (ISPR) on Saturday said a major achievement was achieved last night in Operation Khyber 4 when troops including SSG successfully cleared the highest mountain top Brekh Muhammad Kandao near Pak-Afghan border.

Many terrorists were killed, with a few managing to escape to Afghanistan, the ISPR press release said.

Terrorists’ hideouts were cleared, and caches of IEDs, arms and ammunition were recovered.

“The forces have established posts at over 12000-feet altitude – the terrain is riddled with thick forestation,” the ISPR statement said.

The mountain top – which was cleared well ahead of planned timings -- was being used as the main observation point and its base as a transit/storage point. Terrorists gave stiff resistance to the Pakistani troops but were unable to sustain for long.

Director General (DG) ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor on July 16 announced the launch of Operation Khyber-4 under Radd-ul-Fasaad to "wipe out terrorists" in the Rajgal Valley area of Khyber Agency.

"An operation to wipe out terrorists has been launched in Rajgal valley in Khyber Agency," Major General Ghafoor said.

Khyber 4 seeks to target terrorist hideouts in what the DG ISPR called "the most critical area in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata)".


Solider martyred in Operation Khyber-4: ISPR

One solider was martyred in Operation Khyber-4 launched in the Rajgal Valley of Khyber Agency, according to an Inter-Services Public Relations statement on Friday.

Sepoy Muhammad Yasir embraced martyrdom due to an IED blast. The funeral prayers of the martyred was offered at Peshawar Garrison today.

The statement further said that soldiers have established posts on important heights in Rajgal valley, further adding that IEDs are being skillfully neuterlised by advancing troops with the support of army engineers during clearance operation.


Taimur Khurram

Sep 15, 2015
India should have similar operations and laws to deal with terrorism. The back bone of the community supporting terrorism will be broken.
I'm not sure Hindustan is quite as capable in counter insurgency warfare, though I could be wrong.

Nuke the Pak Afghan boarder. Make it a No Man Zone.
Don't be stupid. That's @Bharat Muslim's job.


Aug 3, 2011
Naraa-e-Takbeer. ALLAHO AKBAR :pakistan: May Allah Help our Pak Army in defending our homeland from all threats everywhere. And May He make this a source of strength for Islam and Muslims all around the world. Aaameen.
TRIAL COURTS NAB COURTS WHICH WORK accordingly WHAT most Corrupt Department NAB PROVIDE THEM NAB ALREADY WASTED 17 YEARS OF PAKISTANI NATION DAMAGED PAKISTAN IN EVERY WAY AFTER JUDGES THEN JIT THEN JUDGES SO MUCH TIME MONEY WASTED STILL IF NO SOLID JUDGMENT ORDERS BY HIGHER COURTS NO FUTURE OF PAKISTAN GURANTEED. Pray judges of supreme court become so great like JIT officers and make history real change for coming generations but still too difficult to have tough stance to disqualify him beside so many proofs of corruption against him still look like highest court judges still giving him safe passage to the godfather may b to do justice or may be because he is mafia lord every one should get afraid of him so he can do more corruption this bad practice must end to do more corruption waste time of courts public made mess first judges then jit now ehtesaab nab courts dancing the nation all crap hona wona koch nahi aiwe amam ka dimag waqt paisa thabah kia jaa raha ha ha mola kare jit ka afsaro ki thara in judges ma be insaaf paida ho or in thamam dako chooro ko nishane ebrath bana de waise hotha howa aise koch nazar nahi araha baaz waqt lagtha ha k choor ko bachaya jaa raha ha mazeed chori karne ke liya pakistan idhaare siyasi chooro ko or ye siyasi choor pakistanio ko kahi nahi chorne wale khoon chooste rahengai, if judges are serious sincere they must put nawaz his family name in ecl list ban him from politics till the recovery of money from him disqualify him and forward the case of him and all other corrupt members of parliament and their cases to army courts make quick decisions judgments if it happened this will be the worst day for the enemies of pakistan best for whole patriotic sincere pakistanis...Pakistani judges ko ALLAH himmat dai AMEEN.PANAMA RECORD BREAKING CORRUPTION BY PML N PPP ANP ACHAKZAI MQM THESE PARTIES REALLY DAMAGED PAKISTAN.Even if the SC disqualifies NS Gang, a reference from SC will still have to be sent to Speaker NA who will issue orders for de-seating NS..If the speaker NA, refuses to de-seat NS or delays or then NS will continue to remain PM till the Election Commission takes notice. Yes... In short, NS is cooked & destroyed InshAllah, for all times...BUT he will drag, scream, crawl, beg, steal & kill to stay in power even now The patriots must be prepared for a brutal long battle still, even after the verdict of SC. Parliament, NAB, Election Commission would delay.


Mar 26, 2015

17:49 22.06.2017https://sptnkne.ws/eGWQ
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Thursday called on Western media, specially those in the United States, to turn their attention to the reports about unidentified helicopters allegedly supporting Daesh militants in Afghanistan.

At Least 29 Killed in Southern Afghanistan Car Bomb Blast
MOSCOW (Sputnik) — On June 14, Daesh militants managed to capture the majority of the Tora Bora cave complex in Afghanistan's eastern Nangarhar province, Zakharova added.

"We have paid our attention to the reports of the transportation by the helicopters having no identification marks of IS Afghan wing's militants as well as arms and ammunition for them, now in the east of Afghanistan," Zakharova said at a regular press briefing adding that a member of the Iraqi parliament's lower house publicly said these vehicles belonged to the United States.

The spokeswoman continued by saying that the transportation of 50 armed extremists and a container with arms and ammunition by the 'unidentified' helicopters to the Afghan cave complex was reported. This was done, according to Zakharova, to support the terror group in the area that had launched an offensive toward Tora Bora.

Up until now, neither Afghan authorities, nor the leadership of US or NATO forces in the country have provided reasonable explanations for the increased number of aircraft noticeably providing support to Daesh militants in various Afghan regions, the Foreign Ministry's spokeswomen noted with concern.

UN Envoy: Surge in Afghanistan Attacks Signals Fragile Period Ahead of Election
"This continued silence on this issue becomes more and more eloquent. I am attracting the attention of the media to this information specifically, namely of the West, namely of the United States, which have recently and frequently been writing materials about Russia's alleged support for Taliban [terror organization outlawed in Russia] on Afghan territory. We have repeatedly said that these materials are unfounded and stated Russia's position on this matter clearly. We would like for these unidentified helicopters to appear not only in Afghanistan but on the pages of the Western media," Zakharova added.

The issues of the unidentified helicopters in Afghanistan was voiced by Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in late May. The top diplomat's concern came after Afghan parliamentarians expressed their own reservations about the flights of such helicopters, which they considered to originate from the United States. Apart from this, the witnesses confirmed that after dropping something off on the territories under the terrorists' control and landing there, these unidentified aircraft would then return to the military bases where US troops were stationed, Lavrov said.

The Tora Bora cave complex was known for harboring Osama bin Laden, late leader of al-Qaeda terror group (outlawed in Russia), in 2001.

Afghanistan has been suffering from instability for years, with government troops fighting against the Taliban, Daesh and other extremist groups.


Apr 18, 2016
May ALLAH Keep Them All in His Protection . Ameen. Sons of Pakistan........... They are giving there today for our tomorrow. :pakistan:
Best of luck with the hunting guys , Hunt them all , kill them all. :sniper::sniper:


Jun 12, 2009
Fun fact
Intercepts from Mangal Baghs own fm on the Afghan side during Khyber 3 amuzed us a lot.
He was angry with his Ts because in Khyber 3 we snatched a good 2-3 Map squares and a number of imp ridges from them overnight without the enemy knowing.
So when the Ts tried to come to launch fire raids from those positions, just imagime there horror when they found prepared Army/FC positiona on previously unoccupied ridges.
Inrecept msgs were being transmitted like crazy on the intercept channel.
"Kamandar ta owaya chay fauj pa ghqr wanday awal na nasta da"

Irfan Baloch

Apr 12, 2009
the terrorists are trained by hostile agencies that teach them how to play and fight with psychology as well
they will use Holy Quran as IED bombs, they will even leave Quran in trash prompting soldiers to go and retrieve them and then loose their lives or limbs in the process. they even plan their escape planting IED in the path (like described in this video above) in one instance the terrorists knew they will lose the ground and planted IEDs in a high vintage point of a hill.. as the soldiers went their to establish the post they suffered casualties
SOPs and precautions are a must in any situation specially in life and death situation like this one.
as narrated here, the slain solider ignored the precaution and lost his life .. he did kill few but the terrorists are pawns and will be replaced by their handlers, we cant afford to loose trained and motivated soldiers.

emotions , zealotry and patriotism is all good but staying alive and winning to fight again is even better.

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