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Jan 2, 2011
Eat meal of the eve of the Spring Festival, is the most lively every family happy moments.
Eve. The abundance of menu filled up with a table and family reunion, sitting around
the table, altogether for the reunion dinner, the mind of fulfillment is really
unspeakable. People both enjoy a full table delicacies ChengZhuan, but also enjoy
the joy of atmosphere, table with AGAR AGAR, cold basin, folly, snacks, generally
not two things, one is the pot. One is the fish. Hotpot FeiZhu, steaming, warm diaz,
explain thriving, "Fish" and "yu" homophonic, is a symbol of "auspicious spare",
also commanded "annual and superabundant." Still have turnip, wishes known good
vegetarian pate CaiTou; Lobster, blasting fish Fried food, wish the home such as
"fire boil shipped prosperity oil". Finally more for a sweetmeat, blessing in the
future, this day, even you don't drink, how also drink a bit. Ancient Chinese New
Year, alcohol, pay much attention to the wine quality, some wine now have no, leaving
many moving wine name, like "wine", "aram tail wine", "yichun wine", "plum wine",
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