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On New Year's eve eve-----chinese



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Jan 2, 2011
Chinese New Year's eve to this day it is extremely important. This day, people used
to orientation, preparing for the reunion dinner. In ancient China, some prison
officials even set the prisoners home and family reunion New Year, thus "reunion
dinner" of the ancient Chinese how important they are.
Celebrating the New Year
The family is the cornerstone of Chinese society, the annual reunion dinner fully
shown in the Chinese family members love and honor each other, this kind of love
and honor each other make family relations between closer. Family reunion often
makes the householder mentally comfort and satisfaction, old man watched grandchildren,
a size of Syria, past caring and tianlun dependent children of arteriole malfunction
finally was not wasted, this is what kind of happiness. And the young generation,
are also can take this opportunity to parents gratefulness to express gratitude
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