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On account of the 81st anniversary of Atatürk's death

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    I am sharing this small piece for members here to read. It is a collection of Atatürk's sayings regarding religion and government. Many people have different and false perceptions, it is my belief this will help form a clearer picture. It is a very good read.

    Source is a government website.

    Translated to English via a translator.

    About religion

    Religion is a necessary institution. There is no possibility of continuation for irreligious nations. However, religion is the devotion between Allah and His servant.
    1930 (Kılıç Ali, Characteristics of Atatürk, 1955, p. 116)

    Religion exists and is necessary.
    (Asaf İlbay, Tan newspaper, 13. 7. 1949)

    Religion is a question of conscience. Everyone is free to follow the command of his conscience. We respect religion. We are not opposite to thinking. We try not to confuse religious affairs with nation and state affairs, we avoid the bigoted movements based on purpose and action and we will never challenge this.
    (Asaf İlbay, Tan newspaper, 13.7.1949)

    Periods of God and humanity

    O friends! God is one, great; Looking at the sign of divine beliefs, we can say: People can be studied in two classes, two periods. The first period is the childhood and youth of humanity. The second period is the period of maturity and maturity of humanity.

    Humanity in the first period, just like a child, just like a young person requires to be engaged in close and material means. God has counted the necessity of the deity to engage with His servants even by means of them until he reaches the required maturation point of His servants. He has sent them numerous nebbians, prophets and messengers known and unknown since Hazrat Adam Aleyhisselâm. However, after giving the latest religious, civilized truths through our Prophet, he no longer saw the need to contact humanity with his mediator. The degree of understanding, enlightenment, and maturation of mankind has acknowledged that every servant has the ability to come into direct contact with divine inspirations, and that is why,
    The Almighty Prophet was the last of the prophets and his book is the most complete book.
    1922 (Speech III, p. 1241)

    Hz. About Muhammed

    Muhammad Mustafa, before becoming a prophet, reached the love, respect and trust of his people. Then came forty-three-year-old prophethood * and forty-three-year-old treatise **. In the endless dangers, our Honorary Lord worked for
    inexorable troubles and difficulties for twenty years, and after he succeeded in prophethood to establish the Islamic religion, he reached the highest floor of heaven and heaven.
    1922 (Atatürk's SDl, pp. 262-263)

    In 1923, he said this from the pulpit in the Zagnos Pasha Mosque in Balikesir:

    Our Prophet (saas) became a civil servant and an ambassador by Allah Almighty to inform people of religious truths. Its main law is known to all of us in the great Qur'an *, which has great glory *. Our religion, which has given people the light of development and enlightenment, is the last religion, the most complete religion; because our religion fully complies with reason, logic, and truth. If it did not follow reason, logic, and truth, there would be a contradiction between it and other divine natural laws; because it is God Almighty who makes all universe laws.
    1923 (Atatürk's SD11, p. 94)

    Hz. He told Muhammad about a work that could not be described as high in character:

    Such ignorant men, who attempted to introduce Muhammad to me as a dervish dazzled by temptation, have never been able to grasp his high personality and achievements. They seem far from understanding. How can a tempted dervish think and implement a plan that the greatest commander can do in the Battle of Uhud? History should not be an art that changes reality, but a science that states. Even in this small war, ignorant hooligans who attempt to portray a man as rising as a military genius with his political view as a tempted dervish cannot participate in our history study. If Muhammad had not attempted to follow the victorious enemy by defeating the resistance of those around him at the end of this war and not seeing that he was wounded, an entity called Islam could not be seen on earth today.
    1930 (Şemsettin Günaltay, The Journal of Ülkü, Volume: 9, Issue: 100, 1945, p. 3)

    He is the first and greatest servant of Allah. Millions of people are walking in his footsteps today. My name is erased, but forever, He is immortal.
    1926 (Ali Riza Unal, Ataturk about my memories, Turkey War invalids Veterans Magazine, Issue 158, 1969, p.23)

    Moses, ignorance reign of "EVAMAR-i craving to" * has given mankind the virtues of courses with water. For centuries, Moses and Muhammad took the distance. Humanity has progressed in the last bedouin period. The Prophet Muhammad succeeded in partially eliminating the superstitions in the religious views of the Moses period.
    (Asaf İlbay, Tan newspaper 13. 7. 1949)

    Hz. Muhammad's death and after

    The love for Muhammad, who had created a great revolution, had to come about only by protecting his ideas and principles. As soon as the Prophet died, it was not to bury him as soon as possible, but to secure the revolution he had created. This would be to avoid the dangers that would arise by replacing it with a closest friend who had already understood the revolution. After he had chosen such a successor who understood the revolution and was bound to it with all his existence, his burial could be considered. At that time, not with five or ten relatives, but with the participation of all those who were attached to him and with a ceremony worthy of glory, his corpse was left to rest forever bed Neither Ali nor the other Haşimoğulları could think of it. Only three great people grasped this fact at the time: Abu Bakr, Omar and Abu Ubeyde. Development of historical events, It was revealed that Islam was saved by the efforts and efforts of these three great people. These three figures of revolution are as great as their creators.
    1930 (Semsettin Gunaltay, Ulku Magazine, Volume: 9, Issue: 100, 1945, p.4)

    About Islam

    Our religion is the most reasonable and most natural religion. And that is why it was the last religion. In order for a religion to be natural, it must comply with reason, technique, science and logic. Our religion is completely appropriate to them. In the social life of Muslims, no one has the right to maintain their existence as a special class. Those who see such a right do not act in accordance with religious orders. We have no clergy, we are all equal and we have to learn the rules of our religion equally. Every individual needs a place to learn his religion, his sense of religion and his faith; that is the School.
    1923 (Ataturk's SD 11, p. 90)

    In fact, Islam is a tolerant and contemporary religion in its broadest sense.
    (Atatürk from the UN., P. 70)

    Allah is fully aware of the actual requirements in the heart and conscience of the people he compels to obey. For this reason, the book he sent is a book that contains the provisions that fully meet that need.
    1921 (Atatürk's SDl, p.203)

    Thanks to him for sending a small Koran as a gift in 1923:

    I think I will keep this gift, which is impossible to appreciate, with my deepest and respectful religious feelings.
    1923 (Atatürk's TTBIV, pp. 480-481)

    Islamic religion and work

    Our great religion reports that the non-working has nothing to do with humanity. Some people think that it is infidel to follow the innovations of the time. The real curse is this supposition. What is the purpose of those who make this misinterpretation not to want Islam to be enslaved to the infidels? Don't think every turban is a teacher, being a teacher is not a turban, but a brain.
    1923 (Atatürk's SDII, p. 128)

    Allah's command is to work hard. I confess our enemies work hard. We have to work harder than them. To say work, in vain is not exhausting, sweating. According to the requirements of the time, it is obligatory to make the most of the inventions of science and technique and all kinds of civilization. We are all obliged to confess that our mistakes in this regard are enormous.
    1923 (Atatürk's SD1I, p. 92)

    Our religion does not advise our nation to be worthless, cuddly and inferior. On the contrary, both God and the Prophet command people and nations to protect their value and honor.
    1923 (Atatürk's SD1I, p. 92)

    Measure in Islam

    Everyone has a measure, especially for our religion. With this measure you can easily appreciate which thing is appropriate for this religion. What is appropriate to reason, logic, the benefit of the people; know that it is also suitable for our religion. Do not ask anyone if something is appropriate for reason and logic, for the benefit of the nation, for the benefit of Islam; that thing is religious. If our religion was not a religion of reason and logic, it would not be perfect, it would not be the last religion.
    1923 (Atatürk's SDII, p. 127)

    Turkish nation and Islam

    I want to say that the Turkish nation should be more religious, that is, it should be religious with all its simplicity. I believe in my religion, in the same way I believe in the truth. Contrary to consciousness, it contains nothing to hinder progress. However, this is more complicated in Turkey that the independence of the Asian nation, artificial, there are more than merely a superstitious religion. But those who do not have enough knowledge on this subject will be enlightened when it comes to these weaknesses. If they cannot approach the light, they have lost and condemned themselves; We will save them.
    1923 (Atatürk's SDIII, p. 70)

    Our nation has two strong virtues such as religion and language. No force has taken this virtue from the heart and conscience of our nation.
    1922 (Atatürk's SDI1, pp. 66-67)

    About Hutbe

    Hutbe demek halka seslenmek, yani söz söylemek demektir. Hutbenin anlamı budur. Hutbe denildiği zaman bundan birtakım kavram ve anlamlar çıkarılmamalıdır. Halkı, genel durumdan haberdar etmek son derecede önemlidir. Çünkü her şey açık söylendiği zaman halkın beyni çalışma halinde bulunacak, iyi şeyleri yapacak ve milletin zararına olan şeyleri reddederek şunun veya bunun arkasından gitmeyecektir. Hutbelerin halkın anlayamayacağı bir dilde olması ve onların da bugünkü gerek ve gereksinimlerimize değinmemesi, halife ve padişah adını taşıyan zorbaların arkasından köle gibi gitmeye zorlamak içindi. Hutbeden amaç, halkın aydınlanması ve doğru yolun gösterilmesidir; başka şey değildir.

    Reading one hundred, two hundred or even thousand years ago sermons means leaving people in ignorance and thoughtfulness. Probably the people who read the sermon should use the language used by the public. Last year I told the National Assembly in a speech I said: "Pulpit, people's brains, conscience has been a source of efficiency, a source of light."

    In order to be like this, it is necessary to know and understand the words to be reflected from the pulpit and to be in accordance with the technical and scientific facts. It is compulsory for those who read the sermon to follow the political situation, social and civilized situation every day. If these are not known, the public will be taught incorrectly. Therefore, sermons must be fully and in accordance with the requirements of Turkish and time.
    1923 (Atatürk's SD 11, pp. 95-96)

    About mosques and pulleys

    The sacred pulpit of mosques are the highest and most efficient sources for the spiritual and moral foods of the people. The Muslims' body is revived, the brain is cleansed, the faith is strengthened and the heart finds courage by calling out to the soul and brain with the language that the people can understand from pulpit. On the other hand, it is important to understand and know the scientific characteristics, special qualification and world situation that sermon readers should carry.
    1922 (Atatürk's SDI, p. 225)

    Mosques were not built to get up and sleep, regardless of each other's face. The mosques were built to obey Allah's command and to worship, to think about what should be done for religion and the world, that is to consult.
    1923 (Atatürk's SDI1, p. 94) Reading of the

    Azan and the Qur'an

    No Muslim nation can read the Azan and the Qur'an as well as the Turks. They are Turkish artists who give great harmony to music.
    1933 (Abdülkadir İnan, Two Memories, Turkish Language Journal, TDK, Issue: 74, 1957, p. 66)

    Translating the Koran into Turkish

    I ordered the translation of the Koran. This is also translated into Turkish for the first time. I also ordered the translation of a book of Muhammad's life.
    1930 (Atatürk's SJD. III, p. 85; History of the Month, N: 73, 1930)

    There is no special class in Islam

    First of all, let us know as the simplest religious fact that there is no special class in our religion. This religion, which rejects clergy, does not accept ownership alone. For example, scribes; Our mission does not necessarily enlighten these scholars, but our religion is definitely forbidden. So we cannot say that we have a special class; others lack the right to enlighten religiously. If we think so, the crime is in our ignorance. In order to become a teacher, to teach the religious truth to the public, scientific dress is not necessarily necessary. Our supreme religion obliges every Muslim man and woman to investigate, and every Muslim is tasked with enlightening those who are devoted to that religion.

    I want to fix another idea. In our nation, there are true scholars of religion, and among our scholars there are religious scholars who can really boast of our nation. However, there are also ignorants in the costume of the professors who are far from the truth of science under scientific clothes, who have not read and learned as necessary, and have not progressed sufficiently on the path of science. We should not confuse the two.
    1923 (Atatürk's SD1I, p. 144)

    Educating distinguished scholars

    Just as it is necessary to educate highly qualified professionals in every respect, we must have high institutions that will educate elite and true religious scholars who will have scientific and scientific power in terms of investigating, researching and suggesting the philosophical truth of our religion.
    1923 (Atatürk's SDH, p. 90)

    Our Republican Government has an authority of the Directorate of Religious Affairs. There are many officers in charge of this authority such as mufti, orator and imam. The degree of their science and virtues is known to all of us. However, many people who are not *
    I imagine that they continue to wear the same formal clothing. I have come across those who are ignorant, even illiterate. In particular, such uninformed, in some places as if they were representatives of the people fall in front of them. They like to create an obstacle to direct contact with the public. I would like to ask such people: "From whom, where did they get this position and authority?" I would like to remind the nation that it is never right to allow this broach. I will draw the attention of the government in terms of the inconvenience of such persons, who are not authorized, to carry the same clothing as those in charge.
    1923 (Atatürk's SDII, pp. 215-216)

    About the lodge

    The dervish lodges should definitely be closed. The Republic of Turkey has the power to show the right path in each arm. None of us need a lodge warning. We take strength from civilization, science and technique, and walk according to it; we don't know anything else. The purpose of those who deviate from the right path is to make the people ecstatic and abdal. However, our people, abdal and decided not to be ecstatic. They appear to be a simple job; but it does matter. We are civilized in the world family. We will apply the requirements of civilization from each point of view.
    1925 (Mustafa Selim İmece, Atatürk's Ş.DK and İS., P.68)

    The most real sect

    Asking for help from the dead is a shame for a civilized society. What can the purpose of the existing sects be to bring happiness to those who depend on them in worldly and spiritual life? Today, the scientific, technical, flame across the entire scope of civilization or something or something will break up the material and spiritual happiness with the sheikhs of the road show people I never accepted the existence of primitive communities in Turkey. Lord and my nation, you well know that the Republic of Turkey sheikhs, dervishes, disciples, members are not home. The most accurate and true sect is the sect of civilization.
    1925 (Atatürk's SDII, p. 215)

    The introduction of religion to politics

    You know that the desolate people who led us to the wrong path have often taken the veil of religion, and our pure and clean people have always come to dues with the words of Sharia. Read our history, listen… You will see that the ruins of the nation, captive, devastating phenomena have always come from the blasphemy and evil under the nature of religion. They confuse all kinds of movements. However, thank God, we are all Muslims, we are all religious; we no longer need this lesson and mentoring to learn the necessities of religion. Even the lessons taught by our mothers and fathers are enough to tell us the principles of our religion.
    1923 (Atatürk's SDII, p. 127)

    Progressive Republican Party and the introduction of religion into politics

    "Parti, dinî düşünce ve inançlara saygılıdır" kuralını bayrak olarak eline alan kimselerden, iyi niyet beklenebilir miydi? Bu bayrak, yüzyıllardan beri, cahil ve bağnazları, hurafelere inananları aldatarak özel amaçlar sağlamaya kalkışmış olanların taşıdıkları bayrak değil miydi? Türk milleti, yüzyıllardan beri sayısız felâketlere, içinden çıkabilmek için büyük özveriler gerektiren pis bataklıklara hep bu bayrak gösterilerek yöneltilmemiş miydi?

    Isn't it that the people who wanted to think that they were Republican and progressive were raised with the same flag, provoking the religious bigotry and provoking the nation against the republic, progress and innovation completely? The new party is under the veil of respect for religious thoughts and beliefs: We want the caliphate again; we do not want new laws; in our opinion Mecelle is enough; madrasahs, dervish lodges, ignorant sofas, sheikhs, disciples, we will protect you; Be with us. Because, Mustafa Kemal's party lifted the caliphate. He's breaking Islam. Didn't he yell at you that he'd make you brave and put you on a hat! Is it possible to say that the stereotypical expression used by the new party is not full of these reactionary cries?

    Lords, events also showed and proved that the Progressive Republican Party program is the product of the most treacherous minds. This party, the refuge of assassins in the country, was hoping to trust; He tried to help the foreign enemies' plans to destroy the new Turkish State and the fresh Turkish Republic easily.
    1927 (Speech II, pp. 889-890)

    Religious actors

    As it has been in many centuries, the existence of those who attempted to use religion as tools and means to provide a thousand kinds of political and personal aims and interests by taking advantage of the ignorance and bigotry of the nations, is unfortunately not yet to speak of us. does not keep away. In humanity, the knowledge and understanding of religion will be free from all superstitions and purified from the lights of real science and technique, and will be a coincidence to the actors of the religious game everywhere until it is perfect.
    1927 (Speech II, p. 708) The

    Struggle against those who practice religious politics

    The caliphs, who reigned with ordinary and misleading tricks, and false and unbelieving scholars who deign to make religious tools to them, have always been disgraced, disgraced and have always seen their punishment. The rulers who made religion a tool for their own passions and traitors named Hodja, who led them, were always dragged to this conclusion. History explains and proves to us that the caliph and the scribes who do so cannot achieve their desires. It is no longer possible for this nation to endure seeing such rulers or scholars. No one will pay attention to the lies of false scholars such as teachers.

    Even the most ignorant understand properly the quality of men like him. But in order to have full confidence in this matter, we must maintain and maintain this alertness, this attention, this hatred towards them with all its strength, even with increasing determination, until the moment of true salvation. If you want to understand something from my personality against them, I say I am their enemy. A step they will take in the negative direction is not only for my personal faith, but for my purpose, that step is related to the life of my nation, that step is a malicious intent against the life of my nation, that step is a poisonous dagger directed at the heart of my nation. What I and my friends who agree with me is to surely and definitely take that step.

    There is no doubt that the nation will not attack anyone at the expense of many sacrifices, many blood, and ultimately the indispensable principle. Today's government, the parliament, the laws and the Constitution of the quality and the reason is always this. Let me tell you something above that. Let's say that if there were no laws to ensure this, if there was no parliament to provide it, if everyone withdrew in the face of such negative steps, and I was alone, I would hills and kill again.
    1923 (Atatürk's SDII, p. 146)
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    He played a vital role in Gallipoli front during WW1 as well
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    There are still enough dimwits who get their history lesson from Facebook and come here like ''he banned head scarve hurr durr'...
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    Ataturk was born to a religious family despite him being a soldier and a officer he seems to have grasped religious knowledge very well. The man learnt Islam from a very young age on top of that he also learnt Arabic and Persian.

    A lot of people who call themselves religious cant even grasp Arabic themselves.

    Ataturk never had an issue with Islam or religion in general his main problem was religion and politics going together.

    If Ataturk was so anti religion as some people claimed he would have destroyed most places of worship in the country.
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