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Oman, Pakistan Navy seek partnerships


Dec 16, 2010
Oman, Pakistan Navy seek partnerships


MUSCAT: Pakistan Navy ships Shamsheer, Quwwat, Jalalat and submarine Khalid arrived in Muscat on an official visit.

The three ships and the submarine will stay in Muscat for exercises in partnership with the Royal Navy of Oman till January 15, informed the mission commander, Commodore Farrokh Ahmad SI (M) in a press conference at Port Sultan Qaboos yesterday.

This is the 10th joint exercise between the Royal Navy of Oman and the Pakistan Navy, noted Com.
Farrokh. "In fact, the naval forces are the true ambassadors of their country. Nearly 700 of the Pakistan Navy crew are involved in the exercise this year. This exercise takes place annually in Pakistan and Oman," he pointed out.

The Commodore added, "Similar exercises give more opportunities to explore areas of cooperation between the two navies. The exercise focuses on above surface and anti-air warfare. We will always strive to have closer cooperation between the two navies and conduct such joint exercises."

He also informed that five Omani units and three Pakistani units are involved in this year's exercise. "F16 from the Omani side and a Pakistani helicopter was among other equipment involved in the exercise."

The mission commander, Commodore was commissioned in GL (Ops) Branch in December 1983. He is the winner of coveted Academy's Dirk from Pakistan Naval Academy on commissioning, being overall best in academics. He presently holds the prestigious appointment of commander submarines since January, 2010.

PNS Shamsheer

The ship derives its name from the traditional sword Shamsheer used by the Muslims. It is a special type of sabre with a 5-15 degrees curve from tip to tip. Swords are considered as the symbol of valor and martyrdom in the Islamic history, and PNS Shamsheer is the third ship to be named.

PNS Shamseer is the frontline ship and future of Pakistan Navy. It is equipped with state of art weapons, sensors and machinery, making it capable of undertaking all kinds of maritime operations at sea.

"PNS Shamsheer s the second ship of sword class frigates built at Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard Shanghai, China. It is a very potent platform and forms mainstay of PN surface combatants with her other consorts.

Installation of the best available weapons and sensors onboard makes her an extremely versatile warship with tremendous fire power to effectively thwart possible threats at sea," said the Commanding officer of Shamsheer Captain Ahmad Farooq PN.

PNS/M Khalid

Pakistan Navy Submarine Khalid is the first of the Agosta 90-B class submarine acquired by Pakistan Navy from France. She was commissioned on September 4, 1999, and inducted into PN Fleet on December 21, 1999. PNS/M Khalid is named after Hazrat Khalid bin Al Walid, one of the most reputed military commanders of Islam. He was bestowed the title of 'Saif-u-Allah' meaning the sword of Allah by the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The submarine stands proud in serving Pakistan navy and has a unique distinction of over two months of extended deployment.

PNS Quwwat

This ship has participated in various national and international exercises within and outside national waters.

PNS Jalalat

This the first missile craft was formally commissioned in Pakistan navy on August 14. These craft are equipped with modern sensors and weapon systems. They can be employed in a variety of roles like interdicting enemy ships at long ranges, patrolling, providing air defence to HVUs and ships, ESM support, picket/goal keeper duties and SAR.
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Oman, Pakistan Navy seek partnerships

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