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Olympics: Indian men's hockey semi-final for the first time in 49 years (Congrats)


May 9, 2019
United States
In addition to our corruption and nepotism in sports organizations the western countries took the top spot by bending and or changing rules to suite their style and likings …
We only invest in sports where the money is...unfortunately cricket is the only sport people are interested to watch and that's where the money is at

Unless a team or an individual player consistently performs at the top and reaches the zenith of that particular sport among his contemporaries, no sport in bound to take off in South Asia. I guess badminton is one sport which is on the rise in India apart from cricket


Feb 25, 2021
Congrats to Indian hockey team… once upon a time we use to have a team led by Shehbaz Ahmed (Legend) which was a force to reckon with in International hockey ….. :(

BTW in the video above at 1:53 min Shahbaz was pushed … :mad: … if India can beat these farangis …
Saw the video, Shahbaz Ahmed looks like an amazing dribbler, I didn't know about him. Really good skills there. I know Sohail Abbas though who was a very famous hockey player from your country.
Cricket is a sh*thole of a game. We already allocate way too many resources and money to cricket which most commonwealth countries already stopped playing except for South Asia

Just divert the damn resources to other sports and track & field events
You don't need to downgrade cricket to improve in other sports. Cricket is one of the best outdoor game and according to me it's probably the best sport to ever have been invented. Once cricket gets included in the Olympics, you'll see more countries taking it up and that's precisely what the BCCI doesn't want. They want to keep their hegemony on cricket but eventually it's bound to be included in the Olympics.

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