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Okinawa /Ryuku was historically recognised as sovereign country and will be free from Japan


Nov 16, 2007
we should just chill for now. America is demographically and politically entering into civil war/strife between leftists and conservatives and they will be black-latino majority in 2042 so they may even be our allies in the future. We just Let USA keep cutting its own legs off and watch with some popcorn


Mar 20, 2022
Taiwan, Province Of China
The Japanese Navy is vastly superior in the quality of ships available to it compared to the PLAN. It’s a quality vs quantity thing, and nobody ever regretted buying quality.Of course Japan is protected by the United States so even though it can handle itself fine against any Chinese aggression into it’s territory , about 72 hours into a conflict China will have to start again in building a new navy because it’s entire fleet would be gone.

Any time USA want to tango, China will tango with USA

A hit from Chinese AShCM will be sufficient for it to be over for any USA carrier.

Estimated China got 3000++ of AShCMs

But it is more likely Chinese be firing 100 such missiles at single USA carrier.

No shit about bulkheads and spaces to contain the hellfire that will likely engulf the entire carrier.

And not just the warhead, there will be 2–3 tons of missiles coming behind the warhead at Mach 3 tearing into the bulkheads and ordnance and aviation fuel and the poor men and women in the carrier. Those 2–3 tons of missile body will be tearing in the bulkheads faster and more deadly then APFSDS. Andf carrying its own unburned fuel to add to the fun.
Even steel will burn when hit with hell fire and tons of steel and debris coming in at Mach 3. The aviation fuel, and paint on walls, the bombs and ordnance will all cook off and add to the huge huge fire inside the carrier. Regardless if carrier under Condition Zebra or Donkey or Jackass.
The brave sailors in those carriers will not care or worry and be happy that their carrier not sinking. And only burning and burning from one end to the other end.



Chinese have about 3,000 of these kind of AShCMs.

In the form of Mach 3–4 YJ-12s carrying 400–500 semi shaped charge warheads, fired outside the AEGIS cover. The YJ-12 can also do evasive maneuvers to avoid anti-missile threats.

YJ-12 - Wikipedia

There is also the YJ-18 with reach exceeding Aegis cover. YJ-18 will start off at sub Mach 1. Until about 20 km from target , it will sprint at Mach 3–4 to deliver good news to the carrier .

China's YJ-18 Supersonic Anti-Ship Cruise Missile: America's Nightmare?

This Chinese description relates that the missile’s great strength is its “亚超结合的独特动力” [subsonic and supersonic combined unique propulsion]. Another term applied to this design is “双速制反舰导弹” [dual speed control ASCM]. As explained in the article, it is projected that YJ-18 would have an initial subsonic phase estimated at .8 Mach similar to the Klub of about 180km, but 20km from the target would unleash the supersonic sprint vehicle at speed of Mach 2.5 to 3. The “dual speed” function allows the system to realize certain advantages of subsonic cruise missiles, such as their “relatively long range, light weight and universality …” but also takes the chief advantage of supersonic ASCMs as well, namely the ability to “大幅压缩敌方的反应时间” [radically compress the enemy’s reaction time].

The Chinese article relates another advantage of the “dual speed” approach. Just as the missile comes into contact with the ship’s defenses, it “sheds the medium stage …,” thus simultaneously and dramatically altering both its speed and also its radar reflection, “which would impact the fire control calculation.” The likelihood that YJ-18 improves upon the Klub missile’s “digitization, automation, as well as providing more intelligent flight control and navigation technology” is attributed in the Chinese article to a recent Jane’s report.


Finally got a name.


This baby is call the YJ-21 , 鹰击-12 or Eagle Strike 21


🥁🥁 🥁😍😍😍

YJ21 in this video is not first testing in 055, The missile was fired during a normal training exercise.
It shows that YJ21 has already been massive equipped on the 055 destroyer.

🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳 WANG SUI WANG WANG SUI 萬歲 萬 萬歲 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳


Shadowing F-22 Raptor – China Plans To Turn Its Low-Cost Satellites Into Spy Platforms That Can Even Track Fighter Jets​

Ashish Dangwal
April 8, 2022

https://api.whatsapp.com/send?text=Shadowing+F-22+Raptor+–+China+Plans+To+Turn+Its+Low-Cost+Satellites+Into+Spy+Platforms+That+Can+Even+Track+Fighter+Jets https://eurasiantimes.com/china-plans-to-turn-its-satellites-into-spy-fighter-jets/

China is reportedly developing an advanced artificial intelligence system that could turn low-cost commercial satellites already orbiting the Earth into potent spy platforms. Reports suggest that it may have a success rate roughly seven times greater than existing technology.

Ukraine’s ‘Digital’ Soldiers Use British ‘Star’ Missile To Shoot-Down Russian Attack Chopper; Marks First Kill For UK MANPADs

This system is being developed by Chinese military researchers, who say that it is capable of tracking moving objects as small as a car with extraordinary precision, reported Chinese media.
The challenge of distinguishing a target via satellite footage was illustrated in 2020 when a Chinese space company released a video clip taken by Jilin-1, a small satellite. The satellite was presumably pursuing a cruising fighter jet from an altitude of almost 500km (310 miles).

Changguang Satellite, the manufacturer of the Jilin-1 Satellite, released that footage, which was extensively shared on Chinese social media platforms. A fighter plane can be seen flying over the city in the video. The company also put a caption beneath the video, allowing internet users to identify the fighter’s type.

China’s satellite apparently captured high-speed flying fighter
Many internet users speculated that the fighter jet was most likely the US-made F-22 stealth fighter. Its horizontal tail and wing were similar to those of the F-22 fighter, leading to the assumption. This entire predicament was ostensibly the catalyst for the development of new technology. The plane in the video was approximately 20 meters (65 feet) in length.

The commercial satellite’s camera, which has a resolution of around 1-meter, would only produce a few pixels of the small target. It is even more difficult to recognize an object when there are fewer details in the image.
Since each frame of the satellite footage encompassed more than 10 square kilometers, a small target like a car could fade into the background or be confused with other cars. This will probably make tracking its path from orbit virtually impossible.

File Image: F-22 Raptor
The Chinese team claimed that its new AI technology had attained 95% precision in finding a small object in the videos recorded by Jilin-1, with a success rate approximately seven times greater than existing technology.
Lin Cunbao, a researcher from the People’s Liberation Army’s Space Engineering University in Beijing, and his colleagues made these claims.

The Issue With Existing Technology

Jilin-1 was China’s first commercial Earth observation satellite. It was launched on 7 October 2015. The Jilin-1 weighed less than 100kg, compared to standard spy satellites that carry a large telescope (220 pounds). It orbits the Earth at a low altitude, which allows it to achieve higher resolution. However, it can only stay over an area for a short time.
After the first Jilin satellite was launched, approximately 40 more joined the family to establish a global monitoring network capable of detecting a wide range of signals, from visible light to heat traces, at practically any time, anyplace.
In the near future, the constellation is projected to be expanded to 138 satellites, allowing for high-resolution imagery and considerable commercial service. Despite their strengths, Lin claims that most commercial satellites would be unable to pursue a small moving target due to technical limitations.
Artistic rendering of a China's satellite - CGTN

Chinese Remote sensing satellites – Chang Guang Satellite Technology via CGTN
A satellite video stream, which typically records roughly 15 frames per second, has a far lower resolution than a motionless picture taken by the same camera. Due to the obvious satellite’s high speed, practically everything in the video is moving, such as buildings and their shadows, leaving standard technologies built to identify motion against a fixed landscape less efficient.
The flexibility of vehicles on the ground to stop unexpectedly, make a quick turn, or move under a bridge or through a tunnel adds more complexity to the process. According to the researchers, even a well-trained AI program could lose track of its subject if half or all of an object vanishes.

How Will The New Technology Work?

Upon losing the target, the AI used to conclude it had got it wrong and input the negative information into the learning process, which would drastically lower its overall effectiveness.
Lin’s team claimed to have created a more trustworthy AI based on a traditional machine learning algorithm that had only obtained about 14% success in analyzing satellite video prior to the team’s improvements.
Additionally, When the target was temporarily hidden in the new iteration, the machine did not second-guess itself. Rather, based on previous experience, it would predict the target’s possible position and resume tracking along the path it anticipated the target would travel. The Chinese researchers claimed that the new technology could reclaim the target as soon as it resurfaced as a result of this system modification.

File Image: Chinese Space Station
Currently, visual data from the satellite must be relayed to a ground station or communication relay satellite nearby and analyzed by a powerful computer, resulting in a considerable time delay if the target is on the other side of the planet.
According to academics working in these initiatives, some new Chinese Earth observation satellites deployed in recent years contain processors that may be loaded with the newest AI algorithm to autonomously detect and track moving targets in real-time without any ground support.
China has made significant progress in space in recent years and is already working on other initiatives to broadcast high-definition video from orbit.
As previously reported by EurAsian Times, China will soon launch the Luojia-3 01 satellite which will test a novel technology that might provide smartphone users reasonably close access to high-definition cameras in space.

It will be even more easier to spot and track the movements of USA carriers and other naval assets as they move so much slower than F-22 Raptors.

Any naval assets of enemies of China can be so easily tracked and targetted for the DF-21s DF-26 and supersonic and hypersonic AShCMs to burn into and keep the sailors eternally young. Be those assets be on surface of water, and very likely, under the surface as well.

And China rest assured that USA protection cannot defend against a handful of subsonic drones and missiles in Saudi Arabia cannot defend against Chinese supersonic and hypersonic missiles.

🇨🇳 WANG SUI WANG WANG SUI 萬歲 萬 萬歲 🇨🇳

Talking about tracking, this video might amuse folks here

See how a Chinese satellite videoed and tracked a rocket taking off and then tracking that rocket.

Remember the satellite was moving and had to move or that not be a satellite. Knowing and tracking via radar will be so much easier than tracking and focusing via camera

Which then be messaged to supercomputer to direct the DF21Ds and DF 26 and the thousands of supersonic hypersonic AShCMs to send the good news to US carriers and whatever they got.

So USA can act macho macho strutting about in phony FONOPs .

And all on board knowing they living on borrowed time.


Nov 25, 2011
United States
The Japanese Navy is vastly superior in the quality of ships available to it compared to the PLAN. It’s a quality vs quantity thing, and nobody ever regretted buying quality.Of course Japan is protected by the United States so even though it can handle itself fine against any Chinese aggression into it’s territory , about 72 hours into a conflict China will have to start again in building a new navy because it’s entire fleet would be gone.
I mean if you were confident about that then you wouldn't need to spam this everywhere. But you aren't. That's why you have to make these posts over and over again. Because you neither have the confidence to simply be right, nor the data to prove you're right, so you use repetition and volume to try and convince yourself. You think you're convincing others, but you aren't. If you disagree you can always post a side by side data comparison with citations, but I know you'll never do that, because once you do, you'll realize you're wrong.

All you have is some emotional bravado because it pains you to see people you thought were on your level, challenge and overtake those you thought were above you.
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Jan 21, 2020
Saudi Arabia
Is Japan Naval forces anything of the size of USA?
half the size?
quarter the size?
1/10 the size?

Yet China is more than prepared to take on the entire USA fleet.

What is the difference if Japan decide to add Japanese Fleet to USA?

China and Chinese all over the world will be very very happy if Japan want to fight on side of USA against China
Japan is not gonna fight along side USA
Its a gonna be a death wish, and Japanese are not so stupid which many see them as

They must not forget the Big Bombs they enjoyed during WW2 by their beloved USA

USA just wants the neighbors fight so USA could remain at Top
If the leadership of China and Japan dont see it, i can pity for them Nothing more


Sep 24, 2018
United States
United States
Japanese are terrified of any war with China that USA will drag them into.

Nanjing Massacre and Unit 731 be finally resolved by Chinese

And not just Diaoyudao, Okinawa and Ryuku islands will be free from Japan

Japanese will know not only will they lose the war.

All their air bases and naval bases will be figments of memories within 30 minutes

Should pushing turn to real shoving , there will be no air bases in Japan or Guan or Okinawa for anything to take off from .
Perhaps from Wake Island and Pearl harbout.

But nothing west of the 2nd Island Chain withing 10 minutes of war starting

Missile Strikes on U.S. Bases in Asia: Is This China's Real Threat to America?

In the first 10++ minutes, all the bases in Japan , Okinawa and Guam will be cratered and hit by the DongFangs with conventional warheads ensuring their planes cannot take off.

Missile Strikes on U.S. Bases in Asia: Is This China's Real Threat to America?

Then Chinese cruise missiles will fly in their thousands to take out what not taken out military assets in that first 10++ minutes.

Chinese AShMs will burn and incinerate Japanese and USA Naval assets.

During that time, Japanese command centers will blown up killing all those inside.

See the photos of test sites in Western China of dummy airfields and plane shelters of air and naval bases in Japan being hit so accurately by DFs.

First Strike: China's Missile Threat to U.S. Bases in Asia

By your own Western military experts. Even if they underestimated the numbers of DFs and Cruise Missiles of China in their reports.

The same way they thought China has only 260 nukes.

The same way Dugout Doug thought no Chinese at all in Korea until Chinese appeared in the hundreds of thousands right within USA and UN troops!

First Strike: China's Missile Threat to U.S. Bases in Asia

And then all US air bases and naval bases in Japan and Guam and Diego Garcia and Singapore be rendered inoperational within 10 minutes.

And all assets in the air bases and naval bases hit and destroyed within the next 30 minutes.

All the USA JSTARS and tankers be in flames within an hour.

All carriers within the 3rd Island Chain be burning from end to end.

And after the war, Okinawa and Ryuku will be independant again and protected by China.

Japan will likely lose Hokkaido as well.

And Yasakuni Shrine will be razed to the ground as well

They have enough plutonium to wipe out China


Feb 5, 2011
See, being a Superpower is definitely a big thing
However, underestimating your opponents is even far bigger thing

History is full of example where, superpowers were merely became stories due Underestimating their opponents
I suggest, dont underestimate Japan

There was a time when China was going through century of Humiliation, So is Japan might go through such in coming times, But Still we cant predict what Future holds
Nations can surprise anyone anytime
It's more of US and western underestimate the Chinese with YouTube flooded with fake US propaganda bragging about US military. Trying to tell the world China is a paper tiger.

it is called mutual assured destruction. it will ensure that stuff like the headline never happens in real life
That means US can only watch China peaceful rise?


Sep 24, 2018
United States
United States
N.Korea has enough bombs and means of delivery to wipe out Japan several times and they openly intend to do so, I guess Japan won't have enough of anything to use on China after being wiped out.

With USA around that won't happen

Without US security umbrella Japan can easily build second strike capability to send North Korea and its patron saint China few billion years back

It's more of US and western underestimate the Chinese with YouTube flooded with fake US propaganda bragging about US military. Trying to tell the world China is a paper tiger.

That means US can only watch China peaceful rise?

Taiwan can declare independence :partay:


Nov 4, 2011
With USA around that won't happen

Without US security umbrella Japan can easily build second strike capability to send North Korea and its patron saint China few billion years back
LoL, You talk big, but US generals are cowards, they called Chinese counterparts without letting their president know to ensure China that US doesn't intend a war with China, what a messed up chain of command..,
Besides, Russia also threatens Japan with nuclear solution, US also wants to exchage nuclear doomsday with Russia? then we can sit back and watch the show with popcorns.


Mar 20, 2022
Taiwan, Province Of China

Very very likely no war need to be fought with Japan to free Okinawa and Ryuku islands

Or with USA either

Both are now spiralling into total bankruptcies, starting with Japan

Japan might need to flog and hock off her military hardware at discounted prices together with Japan AV girls to raise money to feed themselves

Only partial transcript below

Transcript :omghaha: :enjoy::yay:

Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

Glenn: All right. So, Stu, I need you to stay with me here. Because this is -- this is probably a story that no one is paying attention to. And I think it's really important. Japan said that they would be the first great reset full adaptor. Okay?

And that made me curious, a few months ago. When I found that out, hmm. Why?

Well, I now know why. They are in serious, serious financial straits. They have been for a while.

This is not a new problem. This has been going on, the decline of Japan, since the '90s.

Well, I read a story, what was it, Thursday or Friday?

That the Japanese yen, has fallen to its lowest level against the dollar, in more than 20 years.

This means, it takes more yen to buy a dollar. As of Friday, the 22nd, it was more than 125 yen to buy a dollar.

Normally, only people who are like trading in currencies, actually care about this.

But the why behind the crash, is why you need to care.


Because it could very easily lead to the crash of our Treasury bonds. And let me explain. Treasury bonds. Our debt.

We issued Treasury bonds every time our government spends money. And we have trillions of these out. And nobody is buying them.

Okay? The days of us living high on the hog. And somebody will take this crap. Those days are over, okay?

The Japanese are the largest holder of US Treasury bonds in the world. They hold more than China. More than any European country.

More than any other entity, except the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Why does the U.S. Federal Reserve own so many treasury bonds? They never did that before.

They had to start doing it, because no one in the world would -- would raise their hand in auction and say, I'll take some of that American crap. Okay?

So no one was buying it. So the fed put trillions of dollars of our debt, and they bought that debt by printing money. Okay?

Japan is number two. Japan holds $2 trillion of our debt. Now, the story that I read, on Thursday or Friday, was that the prime minister had called Janet Yellen and called the president and said, we need a bailout. You have to help us out.

You have to shore up the yen, or we are done. Well, we didn't do that. We said, we can't do that. And there's a couple of reasons why we can't.

So with them being the largest holder, they've been -- they are -- they're playing a game here. It's a shell game. The whole world is on this shell game. They have $2 trillion in Treasuries, and they're forced to sell those bonds to shore up their currency. This would cause our fed to print more money, to put billions -- or, trillions into buying those bonds, which would now be on the market. So inflation could go to 20 percent.

That's the story you'll hear, if you pay attention to Bloomberg. But that's -- that's just a small part, of what is going on.

We know that Japan has the worst demographics in the world. It's the oldest population in the developed world.

3.4 retirees over the age of 55, for every one worker, under the age of 30. So that one worker, is expected to work, to support 3.4 people.

Nobody is entering the work force. If you're young, you're not going into the marketplace. The Japanese stopped having kids, after the Asian miracle ended in 99, and Japan's economy crashed. Remember the story, where they can't get guys to even be interested in sex. Consider this.

Toyota and Honda. The two best made. Best-selling brands in the world. Right?

Testaments to Japanese ingenuity and manufacturing.

Except, the Japanese demographics are so upside down, virtually no Hondas or Toyotas, are actually made in Japan, anymore.

More than a decade ago, both companies realized, they think, find any workers, and that's why they're here in the US. Indonesia, and the Philippines.

These companies were not alone. In the past 20 years, Japan has lost almost its entire manufacturing base.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Save a few technology sectors, like mother boards and micro chips. Everything else, is not made in Japan.

This means, their taxable income is gone. And as they move overseas, where labor is available. And cost is lower. Some of the profits flow over to Japan. But most of the revenue generated. Stays in countries are manufacturing is occurring. So they had to make up the shortfall. What do you do?

They had a plan. They started selling more and more Japanese bonds, to cover their deficits, between the massive welfare state and the tax base.

So they -- they just started selling bonds.

This is where we're at.

Japan has the -- the highest personal income taxes, in the G7. It also has the highest debt to GDP in the developed world.

Our debt to GDP is 130 percent. That's the highest we've seen, since World War II. Japan's debt to GDP is 253 percent.

Okay? That's double ours. So their economy was collapsing. They had to sell bonds. Then they got to the place we are. And they were like, nobody is buying our bonds.

So what did they do?

Now, remember, this just was stated by the Biden administration, as something that is coming our way. What they did, so the Coventry wouldn't collapse. They went and they sold Japanese bonds to investors in Japan, at 0 percent interest.

Now, why would a company take something where I'm not going to grow my money, and lock my money into a Japanese bond for ten years?

Why would you do that?

Because the government mandated it. If you were a retirement fund, you had anything to do with Japan, you were investing, you had to put a percentage into government bonds.

So they bought these government bonds, which allowed them to then print more yen, and then what did they do?

They took that money, and they bought our government bonds, which were returning about 2 percent interest to them.

Now, that 2 percent interest. Think of this. That's coming out of your pocket. So we're paying them interest on 2 trillion dollars in Treasuries. This is about $40 billion a year. So we're sending $40 billion -- and that's fine. That's a deal. We're buying turtle tunnels. I mean, you know, we need those things. But Japan's entire defense budget is $47 billion. So we are, in effect, funding 40 -- 40 billion of their 47 billion in defense. But then, we also provide about $10 billion a year in discounts for guns and ammunition and everything else. So we are paying 100 percent of their military. This isn't by accident. And it's not a bad deal, actually. Our government is more than happy to do that. Because, Japan is the most important strategic defense partner, when it comes to detaining China, or defending Taiwan. We have 55,000 U.S. troops stationed in Japan.

Japan is the only foreign country in the world, out of which the U.S. has permanently operated a U.S. carrier, battle group.

So back to the end being in free fall. To keep their bonds at zero percent and then make that arbitrage thing work. Japan has to continue to buy its own bonds.


Jul 25, 2013
OKINAWA is the origin of Karate. The people of Okinawa is banned to have samurai/sword, so they make the defense technic using hands and legs


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