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NYT In Kashmir, Growing Anger and Misery

Indus Pakistan

May 7, 2012
United Kingdom
I knew that PMIK as a brand ambassador of Pakistan would make positive contribution but even I am amazed at how one man can make a differance. Entire western media has over the last year began to change it's perspective on Pakistan. Slowly the narrative began to go soft and then even at times apologetic to Pakistan and now at times even has signs of even being partial to Pakistan. All because of brand Imran Khan*.

A great example of this was interview of PMIK by Christian Amanpour. Not only was she apologetic to what PMIK was saying but at times she appeared to be acting as his PA in helping PMIK get his message out about Kashmir and in doing so inadvertently became part of Imrans "Mission Kashmir". Go to 0:50. PMIK says there are "900,000 troops in Kashmir and fear a massacre". Christian Amanpour then actually clarifies "Indian troops" this helping to point the finger to India.


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