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NUML Rector and Corruption

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    I believe that The News has given an abnormal amount of coverage to NUML for reasons obvious to all and the journalists have been highly partial in their reporting as well. Nonetheless, this rector should be kicked out. He got a doctorate from his own university, hence didn't fill the required criteria when he became the rector, has sent his daughter and son in law on scholarships and now news that his whole family is working for the univeristy is just a cherry on the top. He should not just be sacked, he should be prosecuted for corruption and nepotism and losses to the national exchequer.

    Capable relatives of a rector!
    By Umar Cheema

    ISLAMABAD: Like Pakistan’s ambassador to Syria, another family circus has been discovered in the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) where the Rector has turned it into a family enterprise, record shows.

    He has appointed his daughters, nephews, brothers and daughter’s father-in-law on important positions. The remaining vacant posts have gone to the retired army officers. Some are carrying the tags of professors without fulfilling the criteria of 13-year teaching experience.

    Brig. (r) Aziz Ahmad, the rector, who earlier sent his daughter and son-in-law to UK for PhD on NUML scholarship, has also granted employment to Maj. (r) Akhtar, father of his son-in-law in the university’s Peshawar Campus as deputy director.

    Lt. Col. (r) Saeed Ahmad, now carrying the tag of professor, is rector’s brother and holds the highest position in the university’s Lahore Campus where he served as director. According to the university’s rules, appointment against an administrative position of BPS-19 requires 13-year teaching experience. Saeed does not have this experience but has grabbed the position.

    The rector’s maternal nephew, Azhar Manzoor, is heading the department of management sciences in Lahore’s campus. One of his daughters has already gone abroad on the university’s scholarship. His other daughter, Dr. Amina, is employed as the NUML’s medical officer.

    Likewise, the rector’s right hand in the university, director administration Muhammad Yasin, has his two sons inducted on important positions in the NUML. Bashir Ahmad, his elder son, is working as acting director examinations and Nazir Ahmad as deputy director.

    Lt. Gen. (r) Tauqir Zia who was army chief’s nominee to look after the NUML’s affair when in the service, had his younger brother, Col. (r) Tanvir Zia, as head of the university’s Karachi campus.

    The rector refused to offer any comment when contacted for his version. When pressed to say something, he switched off his phone.

    A source close to the rector told this correspondent, on condition of not being named, that ability was the sole criterion in all these appointments. When asked whether the ability was found only in the relatives and not in others in the country, he did not respond.

    The culture of nepotism is thriving by the day with stories highlighting the issue. A report regarding the pop & mom company scam involving a dad buying tractors from his daughter and paying the money to her mom, caused ripples in the provincial government which swung into action against the company.

    Another sad report disclosing how the country’s ambassador to Syria had inducted his kith and kin in the Pakistan International School in Damascus expelling those already employed, has not moved the authorities who themselves are running the state and parties like family business. The NUML rector’s story is third in the row raising alarms among the academic staff on how the university’s affairs are being run personal whims.
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    I have studied for some time in NUML and this reporter Umar Cheema is my friend. Whatever he has written is 100 per cent correct. But he missed one thing: the husband of the head of English department, Rubina Kamran, was awarded contract of the University cafeteria back in 2000 when i was there. and i think its still with him. I remember once Brig Aziz was giving us a welcome lecture and had said that none of his relative would ever enter the university even as student. But he forgot that i think.