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Nukes for India


May 19, 2006
So do we, Unfortunately you can only see the anti-india stuff, not my fault.
Repersentatives from the very jefferson democracy is clamoring in south block to get the deal done. They are the one who are going back on their laws. Aww, we would wait for Pakistan to do a Test or even China, then we have the perfect reason to do it. After the approval of NSG and IAEA, It really doesnt matter since we will have similar deals with France Russia and China.
About India and its imperfections.... We know it and we are working on it....thanks.
Isnt this the same jefforsonian democracy who are in Iraq etc killing all the muslims. . . Double standards... huh?


Oct 31, 2006
If India conducts a nuclear detonation, you can bet your sweet dreams, the laws will enacted by default.
Its more about the right to conduct a nuclear test rather than actually conducting one. India has a self-imposed moratorium on nuclear tests. Conducting a fresh set of test would be sheer stupidity and not something the Indian government is likely to commit. Nuclear tests are unnecessary. We already have a working nuclear capability. The issue is a ego thing rather than a practical problem.


Nov 28, 2006
As pakistanis we should be happy that the americans are helping india in the nuclear area.
The american's are the worst allies anybody could have.
The pakistani's have had over 50 years experince with the americans and at any moment they might change there minds and slap sanctions on you.
The americans are going to tie the indians into there economic order and when they want to make a move against the chinese they will expect india to go along.
The americans only have interests in countries not friendship.
The americans and the west are pumping money into india to counter the chinese.
Pakistan is better sticking with the chinese and developing there own technology then buying american and then getting screwed when it comes to spare parts.

A Q K Khan was made a scapegoat buy the military.Pakistan did transfer nuclear know how to iran,libya and north korea .Pakistan did this so when the americans came round to demanding countries get rid of there nuclear weapons or put them under US IAEA contol they would turn there attention to iran,libya and north korea first.This strategy worked.


Nov 8, 2006
India leftists to campaign against U.S. nuclear deal

NEW DELHI, Jan 4 (Reuters) The Communist Party of India said on Thursday it would launch a campaign against a controversial nuclear deal with the United States, saying it was not in the country's interests. The party in a statement urged the government not to proceed with the deal until all its "extraneous terms and foreign policy implications" were cleared. (Posted @ 20:32 PST)

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