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Nowruz brings Iran and Pakistan closer

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    Islamabad—Nowruz festival, celebrated here at Lok Virsa on Monday, offered an opportunity for Iranian and Pakistani people to jointly celebrate the festival, and re-strengthen their cultural ties.

    The festival, marked to celebrate the herald of spring, was organised by the cultural consulate of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in collaboration with Lok Virsa. The two-day celebration features arts, crafts, miniature, books, photographs, paintings, feature films, group recitation of the Holy Quran, Naats and devotional folk music of Iran.

    Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan inaugurated the festival and greeted the audience saying “Jashan e Nowruz Mubarak” smilingly. Expressing felicitations to the people of Iran, she noted that “Pakistani nation, which has been traumatised by terrorism during last few years, has found an opportunity in the form of Nowruz to enjoy the festival and share happiness with the brotherly states, especially Iran.”

    Nowruz festival is annually commemorated in Iran and central Asian countries to mark the start of spring and Pakistan has now joined the list of such nations. The Information Minister added that “while we are celebrating Nowruz here in Islamabad, Pakistani and Iranian Presidents have also joined their Tajiskistan counterpart in Dushanbe to celebrate the event.”

    Mr. Taghi Sadeghi, cultural counsellor of the Embassy of Iran, speaking on the occasion remarked that “Iranian and Pakistani people share similar cultural heritage and common approach from music to calligraphic art.”

    On the first day of the festival, the rhythmic musical performance offered an exquisite experience for the audience to enjoy Iranian music in Pakistan. Iranian folk music group “Shafaq” performed a number of soulful melodies using their wonderful musical instruments including flutes, daf, kemenche and santoor (stringed instrument), which looked similar to Pakistan’s folk musical instruments. The fast-paced and appealing compositions, played by the six-member group, conveyed the integral feeling of traditional Iranian music as the listeners nodded their heads with rhythm.

    The Information minister, delighted to hear the wonderful performance of the music group, commented that “although we cannot understand the language, but the beautiful melody has conveyed the love of the Iranian for Pakistanis.”

    Lok Virsa’s executive director Khalid Javaid said that the festival offered an opportunity to showcase different aspects of cultures of other friendly countries that have deep rooted cultural affinities with Pakistan.”

    Tayyaba Bukhari, a religious scholar, shed light on the important features of the Nowruz festival.

    The word “Nowruz” is a Persian word, which literally means “new day,” but Nowruz is generally understood as “new year”. The Persian Nowruz begins on the first day of spring (usually the 21st of March).

    According to Iranian cultural outlook, the word Nowruz invoke colourful images which are sumptuous, and elegant, as well as delightfully simple, refreshing, and cordial. Although coloured with vestiges of Iran’s Mazdian and Zoroastrian past, the Nowruz celebration is neither religious nor national or ethnic in nature. Turkish and Central Asians also celebrate the Nowruz with the same enthusiasm and sense of belonging. Perhaps it is the universal nature of the message of Nowruz that speaks to its wealth of rites and customs as well as to its being identified as the unique fount of continuity of the Iranian culture.

    Nowruz brings Iran and Pakistan closer
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    nowruz mubarak.. it starts tomorrow.