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Not interested to lead WB: Yunus


Dec 27, 2009
Not interested to lead WB: Yunus

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus on Friday said he has no interest in becoming the president of the World Bank as he wants to dedicate his life to social business.

“I have been a regular critic of the World Bank for its policies and programs. My criticism also included the fact that this Bank’s highest post is always reserved for an American citizen,” he said in a statement.

“I never thought of taking up the top job of the World Bank,” said Dr Yunus expressing his disinterest days after the prime minister proposed to the visiting European Union’s parliamentary delegation to make the microcredit pioneer head of the international financial institution.

The ‘banker to the poor’ said he wants to remain completely focused on making the world aware of the potential of social business and successfully implementing his idea.

Saying that the proposal was an unexpected good news for him, Dr Yunus thanked the PM for proposing his name for the top post of the prestigious and influential global institution.

Dr Yunus also said the PM’s generous proposal indicates that her previous impressions about him and Grameen Bank no longer exist.

“Now I am hopeful that the government’s policy towards the Grameen Bank and me will be in line with the prime minister’s latest position. This will remove a huge burden of pain and worry from me, also from many others in the country,” he said.

Earlier on February 22, the PM proposed that the EU should put forward his name as a candidate to become the next president of the World Bank.

World Bank President Robert Zoellick will step down at the end of his five-year term on June 30, setting up a race for the top post at the development bank.

The World Bank will select its new president before April 20. The post has traditionally always been held by an American citizen, although there have been calls to reform the practice.

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