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No Military Solution to Kashmir Conflict

Banglar Bir

Mar 19, 2006
United States
United States
No Military Solution to Kashmir Conflict
SAM Staff, July 8, 2017

55th Annual Convention of the ISNA in Chicago
Speakers at the recently held 55th Annual Convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) in Chicago said that by refusing to implement the UN Security Council’s resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir, India has violated its international obligation.

In a speech the President of World Kashmir Awareness Forum, Dr Ghulam Nabi Mir, said Kashmir is a large, resourceful, cultured and multicultural nation. It needs no Indian interference. It fulfills all the parameters of a viable sovereign state as per United Nations charter. By refusing to implement the UN Security Council resolutions, India violates its international obligation. These resolutions demand cessation of the military actions, demilitarization and allowing the people of Kashmir to decide their future through an unfettered referendum, or plebiscite under UN supervision”

The ISNA Conventions is the past were attended by international dignitaries like President Jimmy Carter and President Khatami of Iran.

Dr. Mir added that Indian occupation of Kashmir is by far the most consequential political blunder the Indian government has made. India never anticipated its catastrophic consequences. And to this day they seem to be blind to the outcome of the terrible tragedy of their making. There is more than a fair chance a devastating war in future will be caused by this blunder. Only, the next time around, it may not be a conventional war but a nuclear holocaust, a war of mutual annihilation, a war of mutually assured destruction.

“So, what are the Kashmiris under occupation thinking? What do they want? What would they settle for by way of a solution to their future? All you have to do is to read the news stories from Kashmir. Read New York Times, BBC News and Guardian, just to name a few. You will get an idea. 70 years on, Indian is nowhere close to silencing the voices and screams for freedom. It is not even close. Kashmiris have no choice but to hang tough, keep making the sacrifices, keep hope for the best solution to emerge. There is no military solution to Kashmir issue. Indian forces have to leave; Kashmir has to be united to make it whole again. Peace cannot come until Kashmir is demilitarized and a plebiscite held under UN supervision,” Dr. Mir explained.

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Secretary General of the World Kashmir Awareness Forum and Emcee of the event said that Kashmir dispute was one of the oldest issues pending on the agenda of the United Nations Security Council. Its occupation by India has been left undisturbed by the international community, even though its validity has never been accepted. At no stage, however, have the people of Jammu and Kashmir shown themselves to be reconciled to India’s occupation. There is only one way of just and honorable peace, Fai added, the way chalked out in the international agreements that the future will be decided by the people of Kashmir. Only the exertion of the necessary moral pressure by the world powers, particular the United States will lead the parties to that way.

Later a short video about the atrocities being committed by the Indian army on the civilian population of Kashmir was shown.

American Pakistani

May 30, 2010
United States
It is time, Pakistan rakes up the issue of Indian terrorism in IOK and also lit up the LOC at the same time. Death to 7 lakh indian occupier terrorists scum roaches swines.
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Jul 8, 2017
Let's just hope that Pakistan honors the UN resolution about Kashmir so that this issue can be solved at its earliest. Total disregard of an international organisation like the UN by Pakistan isn't good for regional peace.

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