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No military solution in Afghanistan, Nato agrees with Kayani

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    interesting article::coffee:

    ref:No military solution in Afghanistan, Nato agrees with Kayani -DAWN - Top Stories; November 20, 2008

    No military solution in Afghanistan, Nato agrees with Kayani

    By Shadaba Islam

    BRUSSELS, Nov 19: Nato and Pakistan agree on the need for a “comprehensive approach” to tackle the insurgency in Afghanistan and in Pakistan’s tribal areas, Nato officials said following a first-ever meeting between Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani and the alliance’s influential defence committee.

    Nato defence chiefs agreed with General Kayani that there was “no military solution in Afghanistan”, said Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola.

    The head of the Nato defence committee said the 26-nation alliance also backed General Kayani’s assertion that “Pakistan is part of the solution” to dealing with the problems facing Afghanistan.

    Briefing journalists after a two-hour meeting between Gen Kayani and Nato defence chiefs, Admiral Di Paola said the Pakistani general had provided an “impressive, informative and in-depth” analysis of the complex situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the wider region.

    General Kayani was unavailable for comment. Pakistan Embassy officials said he did not intend to meet the press.

    Admiral Di Paola said the Pakistani army chief’s presentation to the defence committee focussed on Afghanistan-Pakistan relations, the situation in the border regions and in Fata.

    “Kayani referred to what he called the three determinants of the comprehensive approach: geography, culture and history,” the Admiral told reporters.

    “We gave him the floor so he could give us his perspective... we wanted to hear from him about the Pakistani view of the situation,” he added.

    Gen Kayani’s message was that there was a need for a comprehensive approach to win public support in Afghanistan, Pakistan and in Europe, said Admiral Di Paola.

    Such a policy included military action against militants but also highlighted the need to engage “people living there and having their understanding and support,” Gen Kayani told Nato, according to officials at the alliance.

    The Pakistani army chief also insisted that international perceptions that his country was “India-centric” had to be viewed in a historical, geographical and cultural context.:pdf: