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No country has used terrorism better than India: Hina Rabbani Khar


Dec 21, 2021
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Imran khan was the one who signed ceasefire on loc.
Imran khan was the one which cracked down on Kashmiri resistance groups.
Imran khan was the one who proudly told trump he dismantled Kashmiri resistance group networks in AJK.
Imran khan was the one leading Pakistans embarrassing pacifist policy.
Imran khan was the one under which india revoked article 370 and illegally annexed IOJK.
Imran khans gov was the one who arrested people like Hafiz Saaed on terrorism charges.
Many in pti like fawad chaudhry can’t say the word terrorist without putting Kashmiri mujahids in the same sentence painting them as terrorists.
Imran Khan's selling point and the sole reason why he has support is because he stood against corruption and against the same rotten incapable faces which kept appearing in politics and actually cared for Pakistan.

He is far from being the most capable but people just wanted a sense of justice and growth. In reality he's just a better choice than the others.

But his biggest flaw has always been his pacifism, he is a soft pacifist that doesn't realise the world isn't a utopia and every successful nation/empire has and is using brute force to some degree. You can't be weak and a pacifist, the world simply isn't built for such an ideology. Extreme force is justified if it serves a greater national cause always.

But I would also mention that he likely didn't have control of most of those decisions, it was probably decided in GHQ. There seems to be a growing an unwillingness in GHQ, either it is home grown or foreign influenced.

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