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No 17 ''Tigers'' Squadron First To Re-Equip With JF-17 Block-3


Nov 18, 2015
United States
Each of those items will still incur a cost - the least resistance method is to have a control unit for the aircraft which is likely to run $40000 in total without labor and the training.

A Rocket launch will also expense items along with giving the hint away that this isn’t a normal flight.

You also need a command structure and the ability to deconflict airspace when these are airborne. They wont have any useful offensive range “simulation” unless carrying at least one drop tank so all that fuel cost adds up.

It is doable and probably may have good use besides combat in being a QF-7 drone for the PAF to use for live fire tests
The one and only good use for them could potentially be to expose Indian radar and SAM sites trying to take these drones out. Otherwise converting them is a waste of time, energy and money. Keep in mind these will need to be parked and serviced somewhere on an airbase during peacetime and the conflict might not happen for another 2 decades where these drone could even be deployed and used. Better focus energies elsewhere.


Jan 20, 2006
Actually PG should go first
I said that here on this forum years ago.

There design life is 20 years..so PG will run out of life soon. And will need overhaul

So would we overhaul PGs or just get rid of them and continue servicing just mirage 5

The answer is obvious

PAF will keep mirages(by continous oveehauling and canabilization) and will get rid of PGs and FT-7s as F-7Ps are already gone
PG's offer a much higher performance as point defense fighters than any Mirage in service. Coupled with AIM-9L, RWRs, and MB seats, they are a pretty good solution for defensive duties under the cover of Early Warning and BVR capable aircraft. As such keeping the F-7PGs makes sense. Other F-7 variants will surely go first.

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