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Nigerian army receives Streit Group Spartan-MAV armored vehicles


Apr 28, 2011
Military Africa reports that the Nigerian Army recently took delivery of Streit Group Spartan-MAV armored personnel carriers. A video showing a convoy of more than 30 vehicles conveying around 60 Spartan-MAV armored vehicles was recently published on social media by the Nigerian Army. A total of 177 units has been ordered for the Nigerian army
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Spartan-MAV is a 4×4 armored vehicle designed and built by Canadian manufacturer Streit Group (Picture source: Streit Group)

Spartan-MAV is a 4×4 armored vehicle designed and built by Canadian manufacturer Streit Group. The armored vehicle is intended to support military, police and law enforcement missions. They will join another 177 Streit vehicles of various types including Warrior, Typhoon, and Spartans acquired in 2017 for the Nigerian Army to equip the forces battling violent extremist groups in the region, Military Africa comments.

Spartan 2-MAV offers excellent protection against both ballistic and blast threats with crew compartment protection of STANAG 2-level armoring in various applications ranging from a battlefield ambulance up to a fully armed direct-fire vehicle. Streit Group offers a wide range of extra added features that can be integrated into the vehicle during the manufacturing phase guaranteeing total compatibility which includes: smoke-grenade launchers, night-vision high-speed cameras, fully integrated intercom systems. Spartan 2 can be deployed for various missions. More than 1,000 vehicles are already tested in the field and proved their resistance and usability.


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