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Nigeria ordered 2 Damen 3307 patrol vessels

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    Nigeria ordered 2 Damen 3307 patrol vessels

    13 MARCH 2019

    Nigeria’s Homeland Integrated Offshore Services of Nigeria (HIOS) has ordered two additional Damen 3307 Patrol Vessels from Damen Shipyards Group.

    Picture of the Damen 3307 patrol vessel

    This purchase increases the total number of such vessels in the Nigeria's Navy fleet. The first was ordered in 2014 and the most recent deliveries were three vessels during 2018. With these two new ships, Nigeria's HIOS brings its amount of 3307 Patrol Vessels to eight.

    The 33-metre 3307 Patrol Vessel is based on Damen’s Fast Crew Supplier 3307, and so exhibits the same performance characteristics and fuel economy with a top speed of 30 knots, and good seakeeping thanks to its Axe Bow design. In addition to special features such as an armoured citadel protecting the wheelhouse, Homeland has specified a number of optional features for their vessels to extend their capabilities and maximise operability, Damen said. Among these are a fast rescue craft, a Fuel Trax electronic fuel monitoring system and a redundant fuel separation system.

    Homeland was founded in 2006 to support international oil companies working in Nigeria’s offshore oil and gas fields by providing a wide range of services both at sea and on shore. Thirteen years later, it operates a sizeable fleet that includes fast supply intervention vessels, platform support vessels, anchor handling tug supply ships, security and patrol vessels, and tugs.