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New TTM-4902PS-10 all-terrain vehicle tested during amphibious operation by Russian navy troops.

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    The Northern Fleet Saint George and Kondopoga major landing ships of Russian Navy arrived in Dudinka port and transported servicemen and hardware including new TTM-4902PS-10 all-terrain tracked vehicle, involved in the interservice tactic exercise concerning defence of the important industrial facility located in the Arctic zone.

    A TTM-4902PS-10 all-terrain tracked vehicle is disembarked from a Russian landing ship during amphibious operation.

    The major landing ships approached the shore, opened the ramp door in order to allow the vehicles and personnel move on the shore after passing a little water obstacle. Such way of debarcation is one of the safest and simplest for the assault units landing on unequipped shore.

    The St. George major landing ship was first for debarcation. In total, 31 piece of hardware, including two-section all-terrain vehicles and multidimensional trucks, including the new TTM-4902PS-10 articulated all-terrain tracked carrier vehicle.

    The TTM-4902PS-10 is a Russian-made two-section tracked amphibious all-terrain vehicle developed and manufactured by the Company CJSC «Transport». It was designed for the transportation of cargo, repair teams and equipment (up to 4000 kg) in off-road conditions. The first section is a power module (load-carrying caoacity 500 kg). It is able to carry 6 people and has 2 full beds. The second section is a passenger module (16 people, 6 beds).

    The vehicle has a front part with engine and transmission and trailing part which may be a passenger module for 10 people, it may also be equipped with medical, command or sleeping modules. The height of obstacles can be up to 1,8 metres. TTM-4902PS-10 is a modular off-road vehicle with a reliable diesel engine, automatic transmission and simple controls.

    The vehicle was tested in harsh conditions in the Murmansk Region north of the Arctic Circle before entering into service, is able to operate in temperatures ranging from —50°C (-58°F) to 50°C (122°F).

    New Russian-made TTM-4902PS-10 all-terrain tracked vehicle personnel carrier

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