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New Chinese envoy: Bangladesh pearl of Bay of Bengal, important in S Asia


Jun 14, 2016
But it is a double-edged sword you know that right? Once the people become "hard" and focus on efficiency they start to lose their soul in the process. It is the process of "modernity" and while I desire it for BD, in the long run it is a curse. Because you embrace modernity and then you just become like all the other countries.
This curse is a necessity for the survival of a population when its number goes above a certain limit. In this phase, many lose farmland and seek employment in non-farm sectors.

The industrial sector is the major sector for non-agriculture employment. Our people here dance with a few digital industries that cannot employ people in mass. A country needs industrialization to produce mechanical and electrical products.

But, we import sewing machines, farm equipment, railway lines, coaches, engines/ locomotives, and thousands of other mechanical goods causing local unemployment. When we cannot produce these 1IR goods, our PM talks about the 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution).

Our desperate people die in the Seas while voyaging toward European countries. We are present also in African countries to work, but our govt leaders do not encourage industrialization and buy every tiny thing from India and China.


Oct 11, 2013
United Kingdom
Compare with "CCP forces Chinese private companies to invest in a certain country". I would like to talk more about "CCP prohibits Chinese private companies from investing in a certain country".

As I know. even when China-India border clashes in 2020, Chinese private companies still invest and build factories in India.

Investing in a hostile country in wartime??? Does the CCP have the right to warn/punish these private companies? I think the CCP has this right…… Most governments/parties will not tolerate private companies investing in hostile countries. But the problem is that CCP never even warned/banned private companies to invest in India.

We can foresee. If the Indian government had not brutally robbed Xiaomi and vivo. Chinese private companies will still send money to India.

Strict controls on such incoming investments forced Chinese carmaker Great Wall Motor to shelve plans to invest $1 billion in India earlier this year, after it failed to obtain regulatory approvals.
BYD has two manufacturing plants in India, spread over 140,000 square metres with more than 3,000 employees, Zhang said. It would not need to bring in new investments to assemble and sell the Atto 3, a source familiar with the company's plans said.

The Indian government has successfully prevented GWM from investing in India. I also hope India will ban BYD's investment as soon as possible. This may be good for both sides.

About investing in Bangladesh. I believe as long as you don't rob Chinese private companies. They will definitely invest in Bangladesh in the future.

I can tell you personally that Chinese investments in BD are on the rise.

My family have an old mill building in Sylhet that has sat empty for over 20 years. Just 6 months ago a Chinese gas logistics company rented it from us on a 10 year lease, spent 1,500,000 taka renovating the building and redoing the groundwork - and is now operational.

The funny thing is, we never even advertised the site - they found us, which tells me that Chinese are proactive in BD.

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