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Naya Pakistan: PTI government finally works on reforming Punjab Police


Apr 28, 2011
In a latest development, the Punjab police have finally experienced the waves of Naya Pakistan. According to details, the Inspector General of Police Punjab (IGP) Captain (Retired) Arif Nawaz Khan has ordered to install CCTV cameras inside lockups of all 722 police stations of Punjab for stopping and eliminating incidents of torture during police custody and investigation.

June 20, 2019

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Before Eid, the Prime Minster paid surprise visits to police stations and noted the inhumane treatment being met to the prisoners. He immediately ordered to improve the facilities so that nobody has to face such issues.

IG Punjab directed to integrate the system with the central police office’s monitoring and control room for effective observation of these cameras. IG Punjab gave these directions to all RPOs, CPOs and DPOs by a directive.

In this directive, it has been decided that RPOs and DPOs should undertake the process of installation of CCTV cameras in all police stations of the districts and ranges under their supervision without any delay, and all RPOs should ensure 24/7 monitoring of these cameras.

The PTI promised before coming into power to reform police and make it a model institution. But after assuming the offices, the party has failed to introduce any change.

Moreover, Chief Minister Usman Buzdar also stated on the same day how the Naya Pakistan also belongs to the poor. He made it clear that the preferences of the incumbent government are about upgrading the lives of the poor. The chief minister recently noted that his government was committed to solve the problems of the common people on a priority basis. “We are always striving for solving public problems and every moment of the government is devoted to providing a better future to the nation,” he said.

The PTI promised before coming into power to reform police and make it a model institution. But after assuming the offices, the party has failed to introduce any change which might have impacted the performance of the police across the province. It has disappointed many of PTI’s supporters who were expecting to live in a ‘Naya Pakistan’.

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Analysts maintain that PTI’s government did not focus on reforming police. Abdul Sattar, columnist and journalist, recently noted that “Let us begin with the independence of the police department and the current ruling elite’s claim to put an end to political influence. Soon after the government came into power, the DPO of Pakpattan was transferred – some say for merely doing his duty – something that shocked many admirers of Khan.

The ex-IG of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Nasir Durrani, who was tasked to carry out reforms in the Punjab police, resigned after what critics said was interference by politicians. This further fuelled suspicions about the claims made by the new government; and later developments seemed to have vindicated them.

The Prime Minister was also informed that Punjab has different political dynamics and cultural background as compared to KP.

The Islamabad police came under tremendous pressure when reportedly people belonging to federal minister Azam Swati’s side beat up a poor family close to the minister’s farm house. Interestingly the minister admitted to have encroached upon a few kanals of CDA land.”

But the latest development has given a new hope to the people of Punjab in a way which ensures that the incumbent government is concerned about the police reforms and working closely on the subject. Sources claim that the project of de-politicization of police in Punjab became even more difficult because of the attitude of local leadership who still believe that without accommodative police in the province, it is not possible to ensure the functioning of the government.

In initial meetings with members of the provincial assembly, the Prime Minister was also informed that Punjab has different political dynamics and cultural background as compared to KP. Therefore, it required an entirely new set of policies to get reformed.

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But the latest decision of installation of cameras in police stations shall help the top brass to have a close eye over what is going on in the police station and on who is doing what.



Mar 25, 2011
In my opinion they cannot fix Punjab police just like that.

They'd have to build up a brand new police force from ground up, and then fire the entire police force of Punjab.

The Punjab police are mostly completely corrupt and prey on the weak and the helpless, while running criminal gangs everywhere.

I again as always blame the Pakistani deep state for this mess.


Feb 15, 2013
I still cant forget when my neighbour lost their 4 year old kid and police told them halay tak rape shape vi ho gaya hoye ga koe faida ni FIR da sirf dua karo. Or the time when my uncle who was disabled by birth couldn't even eat by himself at the age of 40 was put in jail bcz according to them he sweared at police. FYI he got lost and we were worried sick until we went to police and they showed him to us with him gagged hands and feet chained bcz he cried loudly to go home. My father never trusted police again and a person who hated weapons all his life was forced to keep a guns at home. Our police represents what our society is like in its core.

Traffic police once used lifter on properly parked car while my baby cousin only six months and her mum was still inside. Apparently they were charging Rs100 illegally for parked space. Yahan har agala banda baray say baray harami hai kya kya sae karo gay.

Cornered Tiger

Sep 4, 2013
The PTI promised before coming into power to reform police and make it a model institution. But after assuming the offices, the party has failed to introduce any change.

Listen to this carefully please. Its the fault of media not the government.



Feb 24, 2009
Punjab police was under supervision of Deputy commissioner before 2001. There was a check on police back then with magistrates who were from DMG and PCS used to control their abuses. Police order 2001 made them independent from Deputy Commissioner. However, police did not implement or created hurdles in establishment of Public Safety Commissions.

I say that this unbridled power given to police over last 02 decades has only worsened things. It is better to either bring old system of executive magistracy or bring in a new system. Better to experiment with 2-3 systems in 2-3 model districts. The best performing system should be enforced.

The role of judiciary needs to be curtailed as they have played havoc with the civil administration by interfering at will and often dictating judgements in violation of existing rules and procedures.

Another important aspect is that police is a force like army. A sepoy in army retires after 18 years of service whereas constables in police retire at 60. These constables become useless, heavy and corrupt over the years. So better to retire sepoy rank of police after 18 years of service

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